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    Ukrenergo has launched an external whistleblowing hotline

    Maximum transparency and implementation of best international practices is the goal of NPC Ukrenergo towards the integration of the IPS of Ukraine into the pan-European ENTSO-E power system. To increase the level of trust of employees and ensure confidentiality, Ukrenergo introduced an updated whistleblowing hotline in 2019. The company has signed an agreement with an external contractor Ethicontrol for the use of secure software unique for Ukraine.

    Complete transparency and 100% confidentiality of the whistleblowing hotline is guaranteed due to the fact that Ukrenergo’s management is not able to influence the process of receiving requests and feedback from the informant, as it is managed by an external contractor together with the company’s compliance office. This is the provider’s exclusive activity, so impartiality is guaranteed by its reputation.

    “An effective hotline is an important element of the compliance programme and one of the most effective tools for detecting and preventing corruption, fraud and ethical violations. Ukrenergo’s external hotline is the only entry point for all messages, their automatic registration, inability to delete or ignore any messages, as well as external control by the Supervisory Board,” commented Hlib Bakalov, Compliance Officer at NPC Ukrenergo.


    The whistleblowing hotline was established to obtain information about fraudulent, corrupt and other offenses that harm the interests of the Company, its current or potential partners.

    The hotline is available 24/7 via:

    1. 100% confidential website:
    2. E-mail:
    3. Phone: 0 800 214 286

    Calls in Ukraine are free for all operators and are processed on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00. During non-business hours, you can leave a message on the answering machine, report your name or stay anonymous – as you choose.

    Verification of the received information is carried out on each message.

    Anonymous messages are subject to consideration if the information provided in them relates to a specific person, contains factual data that can be verified.


    1. Threats or violations in the field of occupational safety, health and protection of people or the environment.
    2. Abuse, corruption or misappropriation or use of assets.
    3. Intimidation, harassment or discrimination.
    4. Distortion of financial statements or disclosure of confidential information.
    5. Violation of anti-monopoly law or unfair competition.


    Violations at NPC Ukrenergo can be reported by an employee of the company, any third party or a representative of a legal entity. The main thing is that the message is provided with the best intentions and the information is true. No person should be adversely affected by a report of a violation, except where the report contains false information.


    • Complaints from household consumers (population) concerning the poor quality of services provided by power companies (oblenergos) or other participants in the energy market, which are third parties in relation to NPC Ukrenergo;
    • Notices within the scope of the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Protection,” the Law of Ukraine “On Access to Public Information” and the Law of Ukraine “On Citizens’ Appeals”;
    • Complaints against third parties who are not business partners of the Company;
    • Complaints about domestic problems or other issues that are beyond the competence of the company and its employees;
    • Threats to others.