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  • Whistleblowing hotline

    Ukrenergo has launched an external whistleblowing hotline

    Ukrenergo follows the best international practices and brings in an independent external provider to receive whistleblowers’ reports on ethical and compliance breaches. Ukrenergo has contracted a specialized company Ethicontrol, which will receive phone calls, emails, and reports regarding Ukrenergo’s ethics and compliance violations, and will ensure whistleblowers’ anonymity.

    “An effective whistleblowing hotline is an essential element of the Compliance Programme and one of the most effective tools for detecting and preventing corruption, fraud and unethical behavior. The Ukrenergo external whistleblowing hotline features are: a single entry point for all reports, their automatic registration, no possibility to delete or ignore any reports, as well as external control by the Supervisory Board, ” commented Hlib Bakalov, Ukrenergo’s Compliance Officer.


    The purpose of the hotline is to obtain information about fraudulent, corrupt and other offenses harming the interests of the Company, its current or potential partners.

    The hotline is available 24/7 via:

    1. 100% confidential website:
    2. E-mail:
    3. Phone: 0 800 214 286