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    In 2017, we will launch a new project: Ukrenergo Laboratories, an incubator of ideas from scientists and the youth concerning development of projects that meet needs of the strategic development of energy sector.

    The project’s concept is based on the experience of German energy companies and trunk power system operators in working with universities and spin-offs.

    The key objective of Ukrenergo Laboratories project is to create competitive personnel reserve with high level of theoretical and practical knowledge that meets today’s and future needs of the energy sector and develop, by accumulating ideas from undergraduate and postgraduate students and scientists, innovative projects for implementation in Ukraine’s electricity generation sector.

    This project envisages implementation of three interrelated components:

    • Creativity for Energy (C4E)
    • Universities for Energy (U4E)
    • Development for Energy (D4E)

    Ukrenergo’s instruments for implementation of the Creativity for Energy component include:

    – organizing active cooperation with the best scientists and inventors in the Brains of the Country format based on the principles of open contest, competition and mentorship by Ukrenergo;

    – creating a contest of startups generated and accelerated within the project’s framework;

    – launching a large-scale hackathon to find unordinary solutions for complex technical problems.

    A number of events will be held as part of the project, including selection of the project’s participants, a three-day training school, selection of teams for a contest where they would present their technical solutions.

    Implementation of the Universities for Energy component envisages preparation of competitive personnel reserve that meets today’s and future needs of the energy sector. The implementation instruments will include:

    • creating interuniversity educational programs for preparation of competitive personnel reserve for the energy sector;
    • preparing educational component for the purposes of development of electricity generation sector, in particular, for Ukrenergo’s personnel.

    The Conference on Higher Education for Energy Independence and a number of round tables discussing preparation of highly-professional specialists for Ukraine’s energy sector will be organized within this component’s framework.

    Implementation of the Development for Energy component under Ukrenergo Laboratories project will make Ukrenergo the innovation leader among Ukrainian energy companies, and bring it to a new level in the market of European system operators.

    Implementation of strategic development projects and media support will be the instruments in this area.

    This component’s framework envisages training of Ukrenergo’s employees at a German energy company under the Feat for Partnership program by GIZ and the German Government.

    Phase І of Ukrenergo Laboratories Project’s Creativity for Energy component, the Night of Energy, started in Kharkiv on 22-23 April 2017.

    Among the participants of this event were the most motivated university students and graduates, PhD students, young scientists, inventors and academics. The speakers were UKRENERGO’s top managers, lead experts from the energy sector and top managers of successful companies.

    In the end, 14 best specialists have been selected on the basis of two criteria: initiative taking and creativity.

    The selected participants will compete in the project’s next phases, and the winners will comprise the company’s external human resource potential and receive an internship opportunity.

    In the frames of 1 stage of UKRENERGO Laboratories project, “The Night of Energy” was held in Lviv City Hall during June 10-11, 2017.



    We invite everyone to spend “The Night of Energy” in Kyiv during July 1-2, 2017 at FEDORIV Hub (Velyka Vasylkivska Str., 5)

    The training day of the Soft Skills School  held at the Ukrenergo`s Pivnichna energy on July 21. That was the second phase of the  Ukrenergo Laboratories project.  14 participants of the event were the best ones out of 400 participants of the Energy night in Kharkiv.

    The final ceremony of the absolutely innovative Ukrenergo Laboratories project held on December 22 in Stereo Plaza (119 Lobanovsky ave., Kyiv).
    6 teams from all over Ukraine competed in the Projects battle. Main award – the possibility to implement the great startups together with Ukrenergo.

    And the winner became… Kharkiv team Kirchhoff’s workshop which presented the intellectual drone project.  Kirchhoff’s workshop is going to implement their project together with us the next year.

    Just join!🙂