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  • Data collection for working out the documents on strategic development

    We would like to inform you that in pursuance of Articles 19 and 37 of Law of Ukraine No.2019-VIII On the Electricity Market, NPC Ukrenergo is gathering information to prepare draft Report on generation adequacy and 2020-2029 Transmission system development plan.

    Due to the aforementioned, namely clause 8 of Section II of the Transmission System Code we kindly ask of:

    • distribution system operators, within their competences, to accommodate the preparation and submission of information on actual and projected consumption of electricity and capacity, plans and requirements for new construction, reconstruction and upgrading of the power industry, with the appropriate justification, according to the forms 1DSO , 2DSO, 3DSO, 4DSO, 5DSO and 6DSO. Instructions for completing the forms are attached;
    • entities in the electricity market that produce electricity shall ensure the preparation and submission of information, within the scope of their competence, regarding the performance of generating equipment, development plans and the status of implementation using the forms 1EGO, 2EGO, 3EGO and 4EGO. Instructions for completing forms are attached.

    We kindly ask you to submit the information in printed and electronic form at the following addresses:

    Phone inquiries: (044) 205 49 28.