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  • Transmission and dispatching

    NPC Ukrenergo as transmission system operator ensures electricity transmission via trunk and interstate power gridsperforms the functions of dispatch (operational and technological) control of the integrated power system of Ukraine.

    In particular, in terms of dispatch control and electricity transmission, Ukrenergo ensures:

    • electricity transmission via trunk power grids of 110-750 kV from generation to the power grids of distribution system operators adhering to the criteria of electricity quality and transmission security;
    • technological maintenance, reconstruction, and development of the transmission network;
    • centralised dispatch (operational and technological) control of the IPS of Ukraine for ensuring the balance of electricity production and consumption complying with operational security requirements
    • parallel operation of the main part of the power system with the power union of the CIS and Baltic countries and the western part of the IPS of Ukraine (“Burshtyn TPP island”) – with ENTSO-E.
    • possibility of electricity import/export according to approved schedules complying with operational security requirements;
    • prevention of violations of the operation of the power system modes and system failures; ensures integrity of the power system of Ukraine.