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  • Ukrenergo is testing RES Congestion Management System

    NPC Ukrenergo is introducing the RES Congestion Management System — the software enabling the automation of generating and issuing the dispatch instructions to change the current load of RES generation.

    The System allows issuing such instructions simultaneously to a large number of power plants. At the same time, it will maintain the principles of proportionality and non-discrimination in the application of generation constraints.

    The access to the RES Congestion Management System is based on the technical requirements set forth in the communication channels instruction   posted on NPC Ukrenergo’s corporate website in the “Single Window” section in the “RES Congestion Management System” tab. The section also provides the generation facility interface user’s guide  with detailed instructions for operating personnel of RES producers.

    The System largely improves and simplifies the information exchange between the transmission system operator and the market participants, streamlines the operational interaction, eliminates the risk of errors in the exchange of operational instructions, and serves as a tool for ensuring the secure operation of the IPS of Ukraine. It also provides automatic archiving of the history of instructions, which enables monitoring of their fulfilment by generation.

    It is worth reminding that dispatch instructions for RES generation constraints are issued to ensure the operational security of the power system in instances when there is a surplus of electricity and all other balancing options are exhausted (offers from balancing market participants, HPSPP operation in the pump mode, etc.). The fulfilment of dispatch instructions is mandatory under the Law of Ukraine “On Electricity Market” (paragraph 3 i.5 Article 68 Section XIV and i.6 Article 44 Section V), and the violation of these rules entails the NEURC sanctions in the form of fines.


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