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  • Operating activity intensification projects

    Projects envisaging change of business processes, organizational structure and other parameters of activity allow to reduce the Company’s operating expenses and improve labor effectiveness.

    Description of project:

    Implementation of the centralized ERP-system on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform within:

    1st order:

    – accounting;

    – tax accounting;

    – material assets accounting;

    – treasury and control of the payment limits;

    – budgeting;

    – investment planning;

    – personnel management;

    and other relevant spheres.

    2nd order:

    – enterprise asset management system (capital construction, operation, maintenance).

    Project purpose – business-processes automation, tariff load reduction, administrative costs reduction, support of the Company`s resource planning and managerial accounting: enterprise transformation processes, centralization of the enterprise functions including transfer of the structural divisions to the service model. Implementation of the ERP-system is one of the business-requirements for the ENTSO-E members-system operators. It ensures the transparency and operation clarity among the partners.

    Project launching  – December, 2017

    Indicative budget – 15 million UAH

    Funding source – Ukrenergo`s own costs and credit costs of the International bank for reconstruction and development.

    Description of project:

    Part 1: modeling and description of level 1 and 2 business processes according to the Company’s new organizational structure.

    Part 2:

    1. Detailed description of all business processes
    2. Implementing control matrixes for every business process, determining control owners in a process
    3. Implementing a formalized system of monitoring parameters of business processes and mechanisms of their continuous improvement by business process participants

     Purpose: improving the Company’s effectiveness, increasing productivity of its subdivisions, ensuring the Company’s independence from change of the management and personnel turnover by implementing good practices of operating activity.

    Implementation timeframe: Part 1: December 2016 – January 2017, Part 2: February 2017 – February 2019

    Estimated budget: n/a

    Description of project:

    – implementation of an integrated centralized directory of product and commodity nomenclature;

    – harmonizing the existing product and commodity nomenclature with a single unified standard on the basis of the developed procedure of renaming and assigning product and commodity names and codes;

    – creating a functional scheme of renaming and assigning names and codes;

    – developing a process of supplementing the product and commodity directory and removing obsolete items therefrom.

     Purpose: unification and standardization of product and commodity nomenclature names, ensuring transparent accounting, organizing stock management and rational use of products and commodities in stock.

    Implementation timeframe: October 2016 – January 2017

    Estimated budget: UAH 1 million

    Source of financing: own funds

    Description of project:

    Improving effectiveness of energy metering by:

    – switching calculations to the limits of balance ownership;

    – replacing current transformer in unloaded connections to current transformer of higher accuracy class;

    – organizational events

     Purpose: reducing technological electricity losses procurement costs, improving quality of electricity metering.

    Implementation timeframe: January 2017 – April 2018

    Estimated budget: UAH 30 million

    Source of financing: own funds