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    ІТ projects are aimed at modernization and development of the Company’s IT infrastructure to ensure performance of its key dispatch control functions and to automate and accelerate all administrative processes.

    Description of project:

    – installation, setup and configuration of an electronic document flow system;

    – description of business processes of document flow;

    – teaching the company’s personnel to work with an electronic document flow system;

    – test and commercial launch of an electronic document flow system.

    Purpose: accelerating information exchange between the company’s subdivisions, reducing administrative costs, establishing clear limits of responsibility for managerial decisions.

    Implementation timeframe: January 2017 – April 2017

    Estimated budget: UAH 4 million

    Source of financing: own funds

    Description of project:

    – modernization of SCADA/EMS at the national and regional dispatch centers;

    – partial modernization of SCADA SS, organizing communication of an expanded scope of information regarding the state of SS to upper management echelons;

    – deployment of WAMS’s first line;

    – creating a system of forecasting generation output for renewable energy sources;

    – deploying a technological platform of the sector’s openness (general CIM model, GIS power grid map, operating mode calculation tools, shutdown map, calculation of connections, technological statistics)

    – pilot projects for V2G (joint operation of power grid and electric cars), VPP (virtual power plant), detailed study of consumption structure and Demand Response (consumption management) technologies

     Purpose: creating a regulatory and technological framework for development in Ukraine of technologies aimed at smoothening the unevenness of the consumption schedule and of the balancing of stochastic generation with renewable energy sources;

    – achieving, at all levels of the company’s dispatch control:

    1. a) complete traceability of own substations’ communication scheme;
    2. b) conditions for gradually increasing the traceability of distributed generation and related power grids of distribution companies;
    3. c) short-term forecasting of generation with renewable energy sources;
    4. d) calculating operational safety of power grids in the “near real time” mode;

    – ensuring the company’s technological transparency for other market participants and end users.

     Implementation timeframe: December 2016 – December 2020

    Estimated budget: UAH 1,040 million

    Source of financing: loans from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development