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    In accordance with requirements of Ukrainian law, Ukrenergo has implemented the institute of authorized officers responsible for the Company’s procurements of goods, works and services.

    The legal status, general organizational and procedural regulations, and the scope of rights, duties and responsibility of authorized officers are set out in the Regulation on Ukrenergo NPC SE Authorized Officer(s).

    Based on the principles of objectivity and impartiality, authorized officers are responsible for organization of the Company’s procurement procedures.

    The key competences and duties of authorized officers include:

    – compilation and approval of annual procurement plans;

    – selecting and organizing procurement procedures;

    – creating equal conditions for all bidders; ensuring objective and fair selection of winners;

    – publishing information and reports on public procurements;

    – representing the Company on procurement matters during controlling actions, hearing of complaints, court hearings, etc.


    Authorized officers responsible for organizing procurements of goods, works and services at Ukrenergo NPC SE

    Authorised person Titles Contact number E-mail
    Oleksandr Kovalskyi Head of IT and Equipment Procurement Department +380 (44) 249 1132
    Stepan Kohtiev Head of Equipment and Household Goods Procurement Department +380 (44) 238 3961 
    Serhii Titarchuk Head of Works and Services Procurement Department +380 (44) 238 3954
    Oleksandr Kosyi Head of Construction and Repair Procurement Unit +380 (44) 249 1947
    Roman Mihal Head of Cars and Special Equipment Procurement Unit +380 (44) 249 1265 
    Kateryna Muzyra Head of Equipment Procurement Unit +380 (44) 238 3409
    Nataliia Boyko Head of «Construction and Repair» (BudRem) Regional Procurement Organization Center +380 (43) 263 4040
    Maryna Honcharuk Head of Procurement Unit +380 (43) 276 4189
    Hennadii Harkusha Head of Regional Procurement Organization Center of the East Region +380 (61) 258 2587
    Olha Bubnovska Head of Procurement Unit +380 (61) 258 4716
    Nataliia Matsiura Head of Regional Procurement Organization Center of the West Region +380 (32) 256 3258
    Anzhela Vlasiuk Head of Procurement Unit +380 (32) 256 3538
    Olena Karadobra Head of Regional Procurement Organization Center of the South Region +380 (48) 730 2035
    Oksana Nemna Head of Procurement Unit +380 (44) 249 1656
    Andrii Shulha Head of Regional Procurement Organization Center of the North Region +380 (44) 238 3753
    Tetiana Pryvalova Head of Procurement Unit +380 (57) 730 2618