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  • Ukrenergo has certified the energy storage system at Zaporizhia TPP to participate in the ancillary services market

    NPC Ukrenergo has increased the certified volume of frequency containment reserves (FCR) and automatic frequency restoration reserves (aFRR) of Zaporizhia TPP.

    In particular, for the first time in Ukraine, the energy storage system (ESS) installed at Zaporizhzhya TPP will be able to provide frequency containment reserve of ± 1 MW. The tests have shown that the ESS meets the requirements for ancillary services provided by the Transmission System Code.

    The rest of the additional volumes were certified at power units №2 and №4 of Zaporizhia TPP, namely, ±31 МW of FCR and ±65 МW aFRR.

    As a result, the volumes of FCR that Zaporizhia TPP will be able to provide to the power system have increased from ± 32 MW to ± 63 MW (of which ± 1 MW – ESS) and aFRR – from ± 90 MW to ± 155 MW.

    Frequency containment reserve refers to automatic reserves that work very quickly (in 0.1 sec) with minimal frequency deviation without a dispatcher command. They are used to stop the change of frequency of electric current in the power system and to prevent emergency values caused by such a change. Increasing the certified volume of FCR in the ancillary services market will help increase the reliability of Ukraine’s power system.

    In the trade zone of the IPS of Ukraine, there are 18 power plants that can provide ancillary services to the power system. The total volume of certified FCR is ± 270 MW, aFRR – for loading or unloading 1714 MW, of which symmetrical – ± 978 MW, manual FRR – for loading 4091 MW and for unloading 4040 MW, replacement reserve (RR) – for loading or unloading 4840 MW.


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