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  • Ukrenergo has applied for ENTSO-E observer-membership

    NPC Ukrenergo has applied for ENTSO-E observer-membership. This association represents 42 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) from 35 counties across Europe. This became possible after the NEURC had certified Ukrenergo as a European-like transmission system operator according to the ISO model.

    Obtaining ENTSO-E observer member status is a step towards the Company’s full membership in ENTSO-E, and, accordingly, to the full integration of Ukraine into the Pan-European energy area.

    The observer member status will provide NPC Ukrenergo with new opportunities, which will contribute to the integration of the IPS of Ukraine into the synchronous grid of Continental Europe in 2023. In addition, even before the transition to parallel operation with the European power system, we may become involved in the internal processes of ENTSO-E.

    In particular, observer members can participate in ENTSO-E Continental Europe Regional Group meetings. Representatives of the Company will be able to join working and expert groups of ENTSO-E dealing with electricity market development, balancing, ancillary services, electronic data exchange, RES integration and many others.

    Moreover, Ukrenergo specialists will be able to access information platforms and IT tools used by ENTSO-E transmission system operators. These include platforms for real-time data exchange, systems that allow quick respond to changes in grid conditions, as well as effective operational planning and so on. All these opportunities will contribute to the integration of Ukraine’s power system into the European one in 2023.

    The decision to grant NPC Ukrenergo the observer member status will be considered at the ENTSO-E Assembly.

    It is worth mentioning that NPC Ukrenergo was certified in accordance with the Third Energy Package of the EU and the Law of Ukraine “On Electricity Market”. It affirms that NPC Ukrenergo is unbundled according to the ISO model and does not depend on the functions of electricity generation and supply in making decisions in the course of its activities.


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