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  • Ukrenergo confirms that Burshtynska TPP can provide automatic reserves in the bidding zone of the IPS of Ukraine

    NPC Ukrenergo has confirmed that power units 8 and 12 at Burshtynska TPP can provide ancillary services for automatic frequency restoration reserve in the bidding zone of the main part of Ukraine’s power system (IPS of Ukraine). Until then, these power units could provide ancillary services for this type of reserve exclusively in the bidding zone of the “Burshtynska TPP Island”. The purpose of tests was to prepare and successfully pass the isolated mode of operation of the power system in 2022, which will precede synchronization with ENTSO-E. As a result, this will increase automatic power reserves in the bidding zone of the IPS of Ukraine by +/-60 MW, as well as increase the flexibility and reliability of the power system during the isolated operation when the “Burshtynska TPP Island” will be synchronized with the main part of the IPS of Ukraine.

    The availability of necessary volumes of frequency and active power control reserves in the energy system is one of the key elements for its reliable operation. Automatic frequency and power restoration reserves are provided by certified participants of the ancillary services market via special software – System of Automatic Load Frequency Control (SALFC) located at the central dispatch centre of NPC Ukrenergo.

    During the tests, the SALFC central regulator of the IPS of Ukraine transmitted calculated values of active power to the automated process control system (APCS) of the Burshtynska TPP. The APCS distributed the set load value between control systems of power units 8 and 12. As a result, these power units changed their active power in accordance with the received commands while maintaining necessary dynamic indicators. At that time, other units at the Burshtynska TPP operated under the control of the central regulator of the Western Regional Dispatch Centre ensuring frequency and power control as part of the Island’s synchronous operation with ENTSO-E. It means that the tests did not affect in any way the power balance with the European energy grid.

    The next step is to conduct similar tests for the rest of power units at the Burshtynska TPP, which are scheduled for January 2022.


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