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  • Ukrenergo and Moldelectrica Dispatchers Trained in Isolated Operation

    NPC Ukrenergo and SE Moldelectrica, the transmission system operator of Moldova, have successfully conducted emergency response training. The event took place on 17 September 2021 as part of the preparation for the test operation of the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova in isolation from the power systems of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

    The isolated operation is a mandatory final test to be passed in the winter and summer of 2022 as part of the project for integrating the Integrated Power System (IPS) of Ukraine with the Continental Europe network ENTSO-E, which is scheduled for 2023.

    NPC Ukrenergo conducts annual training of dispatchers to practice their skills in difficult operational conditions, and similar training sessions together with dispatch centres of neighbouring countries is a mandatory requirement of ENTSO-E.

    This time, the training united dispatch centres of the head office of NPC Ukrenergo and SE Moldelectrica, as well as the regional dispatch centre of the NPC Ukrenergo’s southern region in Odesa. Chief Dispatchers of NPC Ukrenergo Vitalii Zaichenko and SE Moldelectrica Vyacheslav Zastavnetsky led the training.

    During training, dispatchers from Ukraine and Moldova practised response to process disturbances during the parallel operation of power systems, in particular, measures to maintain the electricity network operation modes at the interconnector of IPS of Ukraine – Odesa, MoldovaThe training scenario also included actions to eliminate potential emergencies in the IPS of Ukraine and Moldova for different levels of dispatch control.

    “Under conditions of the power system isolated operation, the coordinated actions of dispatch personnel gain particular importance because they must support the reliable function of the single control block of the IPS of Ukraine and the power system of Moldova. All parties who joined the training demonstrated well-coordinated professional work in eliminating potential process disturbances that could theoretically occur during the isolated operation. And the teamwork of the operational personnel made it possible to maintain the stable operation of the IPS of Ukraine and Moldova. The practical experience we have gained will help dispatchers in real work and is a pledge of the successful isolated operation next year,” said Vitalii Zaichenko, Chief Operation Officer of the IPS of Ukraine – Chief Dispatcher at NPC Ukrenergo.


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