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  • IPS of Ukraine can be synchronised with the ENTSO-E power system – conclusion of the ENTSO-E TSO Consortium studies

    Synchronisation of the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova with the power association of countries from ENTSO-E Continental Europe is possible – this is a key conclusion of the studies conducted by the ENTSO-E TSO Consortium within preparation for the integration of Ukraine’s power system into the European grid, scheduled for 2023. Steady state and dynamic stability studies of Ukrainian and Moldovan power systems operating synchronously with the power system of Continental Europe are provided by the Catalogue of Measures, constituting an integral part of the Agreement on the conditions for the future interconnection of the power system of Ukraine with ENTSO-E Continental Europe. The studies were conducted by the ENTSO-E TSO Consortium, with which NPC Ukrenergo signed a relevant Service Contract in 2019.

    The main purpose of the research is to investigate the possibility of synchronisation of the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova with the power system of Continental Europe, as well as to identify possible technical obstacles to synchronisation and countermeasures to eliminate them. The studies were preceded by significant work performed by NPC Ukrenergo during 2019-2020. In particular, tests were conducted at 11 units of 8 Ukrainian TPP, CHPP and HPP, as well as at four units of NPP. The tests results, together with all other necessary data, were submitted to the Consortium to create a mathematical model of the power systems and conduct relevant studies. All the performed work ensured that NPC Ukrenergo complied with the requirements of the Catalogue of Measures in terms of conducting studies on the possibility of synchronisation, which resulted in a positive opinion of the Consortium.

    In particular, from the steady state stability point of view, synchronous interconnection of the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova with the power system of the continental part of ENTSO-E is possible without any reinforcements or additional infrastructure.

    The results of dynamic stability studies found weakly damped low-frequency inter-area oscillations occurring during summer off-peaks. In order to increase the damping of low-frequency inter-area oscillations in case of interconnected operation of the power systems, the Consortium identified a combination of countermeasures necessary for implementation, including, in particular:

    – retuning of the existing power system stabilisers (PSS), installed at the generating units of TPP, HPP and HPSPP;

    – retuning of existing excitation systems at NPP units;

    – installation of compensating devices at the facilities of the IPS of Ukraine.

    Retuning of power system stabilisers at TPP, HPP and HPSPP, as well as retuning of excitation systems at NPP units, will significantly increase the damping of low-frequency inter-area oscillations and does not require significant financial contribution from either NPC Ukrenergo or generating companies. Such measures are feasible and may be implemented in the near future.

    The next step to be taken in the framework of integration of Ukraine and Moldova into ENTSO-E is to conduct system tests of the Ukraine/Moldova control block in an isolated mode, i.e., independently of the power systems of Russia, Belarus and ENTSO-E. It should be noted that for the period of the test, the Burshtyn TPP Island currently operating synchronously with the European power system will be connected to the IPS of Ukraine. It is expected that this mode of operation of Ukraine’s power system will last several days in winter and summer 2022. Currently, the programme for conducting system tests of the Ukraine/Moldova control block an in isolated mode has been developed and approved by ENTSO-E. The test results will become the basis for making a decision on the start of test synchronous operation of the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova with the power system of ENTSO-E. The full-fledged synchronisation is scheduled for 2023.


    To download Executive summary of studies for synchronous interconnection of grids of continental Europe and Ukraine/Moldova click here.


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