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    According to the European Paper Recycling Council (EPRC), over 72% of all paper in Europe is processed and reused. Ukrenergo joined the “green” trend of the UN Global Compact and the global GO GREEN campaign! and is now among the first Ukrainian state-owned companies in terms of using 100% recycled paper. The company will from now on favor the recycled production in the procurement of stationery and printing materials.

    Ukrenergo began to be implement elements of the concept of “green office” two years ago. Multifunction printers were installed in the corridors of administrative premises, electronic document circulation was introduced, standards of corporate font typing were adjusted to save paper etc. Practice has shown that volumes of paper have decreased, but still remain to be significant – over the past two years, Ukrenergo has used more than 47 thousand packs of A4 paper. For its production it took nearly 2.3 thousand trees (for comparison – a normal park has about 500 trees).

    The principles of corporate social responsibility, which guide Ukrenergo in its routine include a responsible attitude to the environment. That is why, after analyzing ways to optimize the use of paper and minimizing environmental damage, Ukrenergo decided to use office paper produced exclusively from secondary raw materials certified by the non-profit organization Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which integrates environmental initiatives, forest companies and their trade unions etc. FSC certification means that materials are produced as a result of legal and responsible forest management in the environmental, social and economic aspects and made of recycled materials. Procurement of such paper will be made through Prozorro public procurement site.

    In addition, Ukrenergo’s office equipment will be reprogrammed to automatic duplex printing and the size of corporate fonts when typed is reduced to the 12th for all types of service documents. Work is also underway to reduce internal paper turnover in the company.

    “We seek to reduce the ecological burden on the environment through the abandonment of ordinary paper, for the production of which thousands of hectares of forest being cut down. Certainly, in order to achieve the European level of paper processing, Ukraine still needs to go a long way: to develop and adopt an appropriate legislative framework, to attract investors for the construction of paper processing enterprises, and the main thing is to change our attitude to the issue of ecology and conservation of natural resources for each of us. This can only be done by realizing how much paper we use every day and starting to act” said Deputy CEO for Communications and International Cooperation of Ukrenergo Mykhailo Bno-Airiian.


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