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  • Ukrenergo welcomed the savior of the universe – a smart transformer called the Bobot

    On a gloomy and rainy July day, “Kyivska” substation welcomed an unusual delegation – a “live” four-meter high transformer called the Bobot and his young friend Vadyk.

    They managed to prevent an energy catastrophe in a new Ukrainian tech-fantasy movie called “The Bobot” (“The Bobot and the Power of the Universe”).

    As the movie shows, the Bobot and Vadyk saved the world from aliens-“scavengers,” who wanted to deprive all people of electricity and destroy everything that lived. Now, when the planet is safe and sound, the friends decided to see how the power system worked in real life and understand whether they could save the world once again should – God forbid! – there be any threat of a real catastrophe.

    SS “Kyivska” is used to power the entire city of Kyiv. Additionally, this is the same place where the Bobot together with Vadyk saved the world. This is why the movie heroes decided that artificial intelligence could help here. And the Bobot was just in place. The Bobot is a smart transformer capable of not only communicating with people but also conducting difficult rescue operations.

    Vadyk learned in detail how a power substation was constructed. At the same time, the Bobot wanted to meet his fellow transformer colleagues and ask them how the life was going at Ukrenergo.

    It turned out that some time ago, a new transformer had been installed at the substation, making it possible to transmit additional electricity from Rivne and Khmelnytska NPP to Kyiv. The Bobot was very happy and wanted to ask the new colleague about a new working place.

    “We became friends with my fellow transformer-colleagues because the team is really exciting here! If the world is once again in danger, we will surely help!” the Bobot told Vadyk via the smartphone.

    Ukrenergo employees held a detailed security briefing for the movie heroes so that the Bobot and Vadyk, while saving the world, did not cause a catastrophe themselves. The movie heroes learned which safety rules should be followed near power facilities, namely power transmission lines, substations, transformers, etc.

    After talking to power engineers and communicating with their transformer colleagues, the Bobot and Vadyk returned home. New knowledge help them understand that the victory is waiting only for those who has responsible attitude to the use of energy and follows all safety rules. Now our friends are ready for new adventures and victories.

    And we are looking forward to the movie premiere at the end of August.


    In the framework of its corporate social responsibility program, SE NPC Ukrenergo became a partner of a new Ukrainian sci-fi film for children “The Bobot” (the Ukrainian release is called “Bobot and Power of the Universe”). This is the first Ukrainian fantasy and adventures film with a large number of high-tech special effects fully created by Ukrainian specialists. The shooting was financed by the State Film Agency of Ukraine. Official website of the movie

    While cooperating with this cinema project, Ukrenergo wants to popularize the topic of energy among a wide audience, in particular among children and teenagers.

    SS 750 kV “Kyivska” was commissioned in 2008. It is the first power facility of this voltage class constructed during the history of the independent Ukraine. The substation applies state-of-the-art technologies and equipment produced by leading international and domestic companies. This facility will ensure the decommissioning of 750 kV network in the Chornobyl “zone of alienation” without damaging the reliability of power supply to the “Shelter” facility.


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