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  • Ukrenergo weekly news release on the progress and problems in preparation for a new electricity market as of April 5, 2019

    Every week Ukrenergo reports NEURC on the progress and problems in preparation for a new electricity market.  From today, the company begins to publish extended details of the reform process in order to inform better market participants and all interested parties on the state of implementation of one of the key energy reforms in the Ukrainian energy sector. From our news releases it will be able to learn about the latest events and progress in the areas of work for which Ukrenergo is responsible. By this step, the company once again seeks to demonstrate its openness and ensure a transparent dialogue between all market participants.

    Registration of market participants

    • In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the Electricity Market” and the Resolution of the NEURC of March 14, 2018 No. 307 “On Approval of Market Rules”, on April 1, 2019, the registration of electricity market participants was started. The statements of market participants with the packages of documents required for registration in paper form at the official address of SE “NPC” Ukrenergo “: 25 Symona Petliury str., Kyiv, Ukraine 01032. Detailed information on the registration procedure in the new model of the market and the forms of necessary applications (on registration of participants and resource objects of participants) can be found on the official site of Ukrenergo.
    • A call center has been created in Ukrenergo, which provides advice on processes in the new model of the market, registration of market participants, necessary supporting documents, training in work with the MMS platform, formation of contracts, etc. You can reach the call center at (044) 238-37-00 or email

    Implementation of software (SW) of a new model of the electricity market

    • The testing of The subsystem of the formation and presentation of market participants’ graphs and the functions of Manager of platform settlement of the Market Manager System (MMS) was started.
    • The official site of Ukrenergo contains information for market participants regarding the testing of the subsystem of the formation and presentation of graphs, as well as the current release of the functionality of the MMS system.
    • Developed and provided access to the xls file converter for market participants who currently do not have the technical capabilities to create file-related graphs in the xml-readable software.
    • The video tutorial and updated information materials for users have been created and posted on the company’s website in the “Training materials” section.
    • Two workshops on registration of resource objects and necessary information for obtaining commercial accounting data, as well as an advanced seminar on registration and testing of the subsystem of the formation and presentation of graphs were held.
    • On April 5, 2019, tender offers were opened within the tender for the purchase of software (SW) Datakhub for the Administrator of commercial accounting. Tenders were provided by Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH (Germany) and a consortium of developers which consists of companies from five countries: Siemens AG (Austria), 100% Siemens Ukraine (Ukraine), Siemens AS (Germany), Subsidiary IP Systems Informatikai Zartkoruen Mukuodo Reszvenytarsasag (Hungary) and Omnetric GmbH (Norway).
    • On March 20, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced amendments to the Resolution No. 70 dated January 27, 2016, which defines the procedure for the preparation and implementation of investment projects financed by the funds of international financial organizations. This will enable SE “NPC” “Ukrenergo” to become the responsible executor of the project on the development of the MMS platform and to agree payments to platform developers with the Ministry of Finance and to exclude from the chain of approval the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining which has blocked the payment of the related services.

    Regulatory and legal framework of the new electricity market

    • On April 3, 2019, the finalized draft “Procedure for checking and testing of electrical installations of ancillary services provider” was submitted to the NERC for consideration and approval. Advisory support during the preparation of the document was provided by the leading European transmission system operators that are members of ENTSO-E (RTE – France, Elia – Belgium, APG – Austria).
    • On the official site of Ukrenergo, a draft proposal for amendments to the transmission system code has been made public. Comments and suggestions can be sent by April 28, 2019 at the address : 25 Symona Petliury str., Kyiv, Ukraine 01032., or by e-mail . Information by phone: +38 (044) 238-33-72.

    Reporting on the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform

    • Consultations with the MMS platform developers have begun to determine the sources of information for the publication of data on the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform.
    • Harmonization of the provisions of the draft agreement between the ENTSO-E and the external TSOs, having an obligation to submit data to the Transparency Platform, which provides requirements for ensuring the quality, timeliness and reuse of data submitted by TSO to the Transparency Platform, is ongoing.

    Contract conclusion with market participants

    • Ukrenergo concluded 174 contracts for the transmission of electricity with customers connected to the transmission system network, as well as 168 contracts with energy suppliers.
    • Negotiations with JSC “Oschadbank” are in progress on the part of settlements in the new electricity market.

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