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    To work on the real shooting stage in the role of the saviour of the Universe, to become a hero of a fantastic film episode, to transform an actor into an alien with the help of a make-up artist and a property man and to fill the shot footage with fantastic creatures together with the masters of computer graphics… All of this is possible in the summer educational and entertaining BobotCamp, organised by Ukrenergo and the shooting team of the Ukrainian family blockbuster “The Bobot.” The premiere in Ukrainian cinemas is scheduled for 30 August.

    “The Bobot” is one of the most expected Ukrainian films this year. It was shot by Mental Drive Studio with the support of the State Film Agency, with Ukrenergo being a partner. This picture is a sci-fi film. It is worth noting that all special effects the picture is full of were created exclusively by Ukrainian specialists. The plot is directly linked to the power industry. The main character, a 12-year old boy, together with his friend, a transformer booth called the Bobot, saves the world from an energy collapse.

    Based on the first summer BobotCamp near Odesa (we plan to organise several events for children), the shooting team of “The Bobot” held a series of master classes for children.

    The children created fantastic worlds and their heroes. “Most of all, definitely, the children were excited to shoot a film,” said Oleksii Moskalenko, the film’s producer. They all tried themselves in the process of a real filming as actors, assistants to the director, sound operator, make-up artist, property man and operator. The children wrote a scenario for one of the film’s episodes and filled it with content. Together with the children, we felt a great joy when we watched the captured and set episode.”

     “We want to provide children and teens with more knowledge about the importance of the power sector and energy security in our life. And a joint project with the team of “The Bobot” can transmit this information to them through an exciting film and everything that is related to it. Together with the shooting team, we had an opportunity to speak with children, answer their questions and tell many interesting things about the world of energy,” said Mykhailo Bno-Airiian, Deputy CEO for Communications and International Cooperation at Ukrenergo.

    To support the joint project, Ukrenergo conducted a creative contest “The future power of the Universe” among the employees’ children. The company’s employees assessed the children’s essays, video blogs, cartoons and other creative works about the energy of the future.

    “Thanks to its development strategy, Ukrenergo became a real leader of changes in the power sector. All around the world, corporate social responsibility constitutes an inalienable component of the leading companies’ activities. We understand the importance of the tasks related to the establishment of the conscious culture of power consumption and popularisation of the energy sector as a strategically important industry among children and young people. After all, the future of the power sector and the state will depend on them,” said Ukrenergo CEO Vsevolod Kovalchuk.


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