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  • Ukrenergo updates translation of interfaces for market participants and network operators

    Ukrenergo has posted an updated translation of data interfaces for market participants and network operators in Ukrainian and English on its official website.  The documents are in the menu “New Market” under “Implementation”. You can find them here: in Ukrainian  and English.

    The interfaces describe the structure and requirements for XML files, data formats, and define requirements and standards for the exchange of energy data between network operators, market participants and the Market management system.

    Ukrenergo’s website also posted the schedule of training and consultations for market participants re using the MMS platform software and consultations on the preparation of commercial metering data for upload into the Settlements Administrator module of the MMS platform. 

    According to the schedule, on March 21, 2019, market participants’ training on the functioning of the Subsystem of formation and submission of schedules will take place, and on the preparation of documents, files with TCM registers and the commercial records to be uploaded in MMS on March 22.


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