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  • Ukrenergo, together with RTE International, discusses phase I of ENERGY STORAGE implementation

    SE NPC Ukrenergo and RTE International discussed the first phase of the project for Energy Storage during a joint experts meeting.

    The working group met to discuss the preparation of the feasibility study and terms of references for further implementation of the project. For three days, the Ukrainian-French working group has been working on the collection and structuring of the data that will identify the best locations for the electricity storage equipment and its technical specifications.

    The Ministry of Economy and Finance of France has provided a €560 thousand grant to finance a joint project by Ukrenergo and RTE International to develop Ukraine’s first Energy Storage system.

    Ukrainian experts gained valuable insights from their European counterparts in evaluating and modeling the new power system. They studied the research and calculation methodology and provided the French engineers with a basic data set for further modelling.

    Participants also identified the list of additional data to be provided to continue research and agree on a timetable for further cooperation. Implementation of the first stage of the project by RTE International will take three months. In June, Ukrenergo will receive research results and the first report by the French side.

    The next stage of cooperation is to determine the cost of construction, to create a model for the future synchronisation of equipment for storing electricity from the IPS of Ukraine, and a roadmap with a list of necessary measures for the effective implementation of the joint project.

    The current Ukrainian-French cooperation takes place within the framework of an intergovernmental Memorandum on cooperation with RTE (Réseau de Transport d’Électricité), the French TSO, signed in October 2018, and its subsidiary RTE International.

    “Cooperation with RTE and implementation of the innovative Energy Storage project is of great importance for the future development of Ukrainian energy sector and integration into ENTSO-E. On the other hand, booming development of green energy, construction of additional generating facilities, increase in flexible capacity, in particular, energy storage compliant with the EU environmental requirements, will contribute to the development and strengthening of our country’s energy security”, Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO of Ukrenergo stressed.


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