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  • Ukrenergo started live works to repair power transmission lines

    Last week, in the course of practical training sessions, electricians of Vinnytsiaelektrotekhnologiya of SE NPC Ukrenergo started live works on power transmission lines. The successful implementation of the project became possible thanks to the exchange of experience with our French colleagues from RTE.

    The specialists of the structural unit independently developed the regulatory base, created and produced draft devices and equipment, as well as verified their reliability and properties in the certified laboratory. It is worth noting that, as estimated by European transmission system operators, the cost of similar preparations could reach several million euros.

    In October, the first station for performing live works was established on the basis of VET. During the following two months, electricians will be trained at the Training and Testing Centre in accordance with a specially developed programme and then will apply the acquired skills in practice.

    Live works without threats to lives and health of employees mean an important innovation. This will allow reducing the outage time of overhead lines while performing repair and maintenance works. This will definitely improve the indicators of accessibility (readiness) of the grid and will reduce electricity losses for transmission. Secondly, this will make it possible to significantly decrease the probability of outages or restriction of generation facilities. This is extremely important when an overhead line is a main source of power for a big enterprise or a whole city. Such works require more attentiveness, strict compliance with safety rules and continuous control on the part of managers.

    “Live works are commonly used throughout the world. Electricians of Vinnytsiaelektrotekhnologiya became the first within the company to master this method. Definitely, it requires high professional skills and experience since these works are related to a significant threat of electric shock. That is why, in addition to a two-month training session, we have to improve occupational safety, in particular to conduct regular briefs and training sessions with using technological maps and provide personnel with special shield costumes.  Introduction and development of such technologies at Ukrenergo will create a new culture of operation and maintenance of overhead lines with a focus on reliability and accessibility,” said Oleksii Brekht, Deputy CEO – Chief Operational Officer at SE NPC Ukrenergo.


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