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  • Ukrenergo сreated a unit for support to market participants

    Ukrenergo has a division to support market participants. A call centre offers advice on setting up the procedure for registration of market participants in the Market management system (MMS), the list of supporting documents required, as well as on the issues of preparation and conducting  workshops by Ukrenergo on the work of the MMS platform etc., is already working. The head of the new unit is Oleksandr Symonenko.

    You may contact the call-centre at (044) 238-37-00 or

    In the near future, the company is going to introduce permanent consultations on issues related to the procedures of the new market model, in line with the current law (Law of Ukraine “On the Electricity Market”, Market Rules, Transmission Network Code, Distribution Network Code, Commercial Metering Code, etc.), along with questions on concluding agreements with market participants, work of the Settlements Administrator and the Commercial Metering Administrator, the mechanisms of the MMS platform operation, the balancing market procedures and the market of ancillary services, etc. “The new unit for supporting market participants is designed specifically to ensure the transitional processes as efficiently as possible during the reform of the electricity market and to establish an uninterrupted connection with its participants. Its main function is to inform and improve the efficiency of communications with market participants. It is supposed that the departments will also be involved in concluding contracts with market participants, etc.,” said Andrii Nemirovsky, Ukrenergo’s Deputy Director for Market Development and IT.

    Ukrenergo’s website offers schedule of training and consultations for market participants re using the MMS platform software and consultations on the preparation of commercial metering data for upload into the Settlements Administrator module of the MMS platform. 

    According to the schedule, on March 21, 2019, market participants’ training on the functioning of the Subsystem of formation and submission of schedules will take place, and on the preparation of documents, files with TCM registers and the commercial records to be uploaded in MMS on March 22.


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