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    On 22-23 May, Ukrenergo’s delegation composed of the specialists of the centralised dispatching department, as well as the specialists on the implementation of a balancing market and interaction with the operators from other countries, participated in the workshop at the premises of the Belgian system operator Elia and the German 50Hertz in Berlin. 
    In the course of the seminar, our colleagues from Elia and 50Hertz shared their experience and practical aspects of working as part of the European power grid and told about the subtleties of the methodological and regulatory documents used by them during operational work in accordance with ENTSO-E operating standards.
    The participants of the training also visited the dispatching centre of 50Hertz, one of Germany’s largest system operators.
    The event took place within the framework of the Agreement between SE “NPC “Ukrenergo” and Elia Grid International GmbH “On providing advisory services on the integration into ENTSO-E.” It is one of the applied steps helping our specialists to comply with the requirements of the “Agreement on conditions of the future integration of the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova into the grid of Continental Europe.”
    “A workshop is a great opportunity to plunge into a number of workflows of the largest system operators in Europe, ENTSO-E members, and work in accordance with the standards of this energy community. We looked behind the scenes of operational planning, load management in the power system, as well as balancing and controlling the grid’s frequency. This is a very valuable practical knowledge that will help us in the transition to European standards!” Hlib Turos, Head of Group for Organisation and Coordination of Work with System Operators, shared his impressions.
    Consultations on the preparation of inter-operator agreements and introduction of advanced software for analysing the grid’s operation will become the next steps of the project aimed at supporting Ukrenergo’s European integration on the part of thepartners from Elia Grid International. The second workshop with the participation of the specialists from our Company is scheduled to be held in Brussels this June.

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