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  • Ukrenergo specialists exchanged experience with Dutch colleagues

    Last week, Ukrenergo delegation visited one of the leading European transmission system operators TenneT.

    This is the third meeting of Ukrainian experts with the European colleagues. The first meeting at the level of TSO CEOs took place in February this year. Then, Deputy CEO for Market Development and IT Andrii Nemyrovskyi and Head of Commercial Metering Administration Group Oleksandr Karpenko visited the Netherlands with the aim of learning news trends in the field of electricity market development and smart grids. Today, the specialists in communications, human resources and finance, namely HR Director Svitlana Nykolenko, Head of Organizational Development Unit Viacheslav Tatarchuk, Internal Communications Expert Tetiana Karpenko and CFO Serhii Yermak, shared their experience with the Dutch colleagues.

    With its headquarters in Arnhem, TenneT provides services to about 41 million consumers in the Netherlands and Germany. It is a recognised leader in the implementation of the cutting-edge technology and practices in various fields, ranging from innovations in the core business of electricity transmission, market operation and development, and ending with environmental policy, personnel management (the company employs more than 3 thousand specialists), initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility, etc. Therefore, the exchange of ideas, views and knowledge is very important for Ukrainian specialists in view of the strategic goal of Ukrenergo – the integration of the IPS of Ukraine into ENTSO-E.

    Within the framework of the visit, Ukrenergo specialists met with their Dutch colleagues in the functional areas: TenneT Corporate Communications Director Koenraad van Hasselt, Corporate Project Management Director Markus Glatfeld, Senior Internal Communications Advisor Assia Sand, Digital Transformation Manager Marnick Huijsman, Recruitment and HR Development Manager Maarten van Til. The participants considered special cases, real projects, and the interest was mutual.

    “We shifted our emphasis with respect to our employees’ business trips abroad: we encourage more lower and middle level employees to travel and see how we will look like in a few years. This is the best investment in the company’s reforming process,” Mikhail Bno-Ayrian commented on the visit.

    In conclusion, Ukrenergo delegation visited the National Dispatching Centre of the Netherlands.


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