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  • Ukrenergo signed a software contract for the electricity balancing market

    On 19 July 2018, SE NPC Ukrenergo signed a contract for supply of software for the balancing and ancillary services markets with an integrated solution to the settlements system in the framework of implementing a new electricity market. The respective measures were stipulated by the new Law of Ukraine “On Electricity Market.”

    Hungarian IP Systems Zrt. and Austrian Smart Technologies Management-Beratungs and Beteiligungs mbH were selected to deliver the products. Siemens AG Austria participated as a subcontractor. The total amount of the contract was equal to USD 8 million. It stipulates a 5-year period for delivery and maintenance of the software.  This project is financed within the frames of cooperation between SE NPC Ukrenergo and the World Bank.

    “This is absolutely new software for the power system of Ukraine. It is designed for a new electricity market to be launched next year. Nowadays, all programme complexes in the electricity market of Ukraine operate within the system with one wholesale buyer of electricity and no platforms for competitive trading. The new electricity market will provide for the establishment of a balancing market and an ancillary services market, where electricity producers will operate on a competitive basis. The software purchased by Ukrenergo will form a basis for the functioning of these platforms and organise all business processes on them,” Andrii Nemyrovskyi, Deputy CEO for Market Development and IT commented on the event.

    As a national operator of the IPS of Ukraine, SE NPC Ukrenergo plays a crucial role in the implementation of tools for introducing a new competitive electricity market, compliant with the best European standards and practices, in particular with the European directives Ukraine is bound to implement after becoming a member of the Energy Community.

    Smart tech’s EM Family and IP System’s TSO-IP will ensure business process management in the balancing and ancillary services markets, the functioning of settlements system and the provision of TSO services at the European level in full compliance with the ENTSO-E requirements. Siemens AG Austria, as a subcontractor, provides a module to support forecasting functionalities. The deliverable solutions are in use in Austria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia and Switzerland.


    SE NPC Ukrenergo is a transmission system operator of the integrated power system (IPS) of Ukraine with the functions of dispatching management and electricity transmission within the IPS of Ukraine. It is the largest electricity transmission system operator in Eastern Europe. The company plays a crucial role in managing electricity exports to 4 EU member states and ensures cross-border flows between 3 CIS countries.

    IP Systems is a Hungarian IT developer and consultancy company specialized on the liberalized energy markets. The company provides platform and software solutions for electricity and gas systems operators to market and manage their transmission or storage capacity products and services.

    Since 2008 IP Systems’ products have been used in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland.

    Smart Tech is an Austrian company established in 1999. It provides integrated IT solutions for the liberalised energy markets.  Its solutions support the Austrian electricity (APCS) and gas market (AGCS) commercial operations. Other solutions support certificate management, spot marketplace (EXAA) and regional level auction office solutions. There are also solutions for transmission system operators, like ESS scheduling, ancillary service procurement via auctions, dispatching of balancing services and cross border cooperation of ancillary services ATOS. Аnd the management are the company’s shareholders.


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