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    Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO of IPS operator CE NPC Ukrenergo on one side and Miroslav Obedrt, Chairmen of the Board of Directors of the Slovak Republic power transmission system operator Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a. s. (hereinafter referred to as SEPS) and Miroslav Sejskalk, the SEPS Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, on the other side, in the presence of Nataliya Boyko – Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine on issues of European Integration, of Yuriy Sivachek – the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Slovak Republic in Ukraine and Karel Hirman – Member of the Strategic Counselors’ Group of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine have signed on 22 June 2017 the Memorandum on Understanding and Cooperation concerning increase of throughput capacity between power systems of Ukraine and the Slovak Republic.

    Memorandum will become a basis for elaborating a mutually acceptable technical solution concerning increase of throughput capacity of the interstate 400 kV power line Velke Kapusany (Slovakia) – Mukacheve (Ukraine), as well as will serve as a prerequisite for signing the Agreement on Collaboration between SEPS and Ukrenergo on provisions and implementation phases of the line rehabilitation project.

    Parties have agreed that the joint working group created within the Memorandum frameworks will provide an assessment and approve the most feasible technical solution for the project implementation, as well as will consider details of the Cooperation Agreement, which is scheduled to be signed this year. 

    Increase of the transmission capacities between Ukraine and Slovakia by 30% will result from rehabilitation of the 400 kV overhead transmission line Velke Kapusany – Mukacheve.

    Currently, only 400 MW of the line throughput capacity is in use, which does not meet current requirements of the European market, and the line itself requires rehabilitation.

    “Considering the Ukrainian IPS integration into the ENTSO-E, this project appears to be of extraordinary importance to Ukraine as the one to widely open the door for the Slovak interconnector for exporting Ukrainian electricity to European countries, as well as the project will allow extending the scope of electricity trade with ENTSO-E countries”, – emphasized Vsevolod Kovalchuk during the meeting.

    Signing of the Memorandum was preceded by extensive cooperation between Ukrainian and Slovak system operators, as well as between the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and the European Energy Community. “Ukraine already has positive experience in cooperating with Slovakia in the gas sphere. The next issue on the agenda is to extend and to develop the cooperation in the electrical grid industry”, – emphasized  Nataliya Boyko.


    As a reminder: in October last year, the project “Rehabilitation of the 400 kV power transmission line Velke Kapusany (Slovakia) – Mukacheve (Ukraine)” has been acknowledged by the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community as the Project of Mutual Interest for the development of the European transmission infrastructure.

    By the end of 2016, Ukrenergo and SEPS have mutually approved the decision concerning cooperation with regard to rehabilitation of the 400 kV overhead line Mukacheve – Velke Kapusany. During the working meeting on 30 May 2017, issues concerning future researches and power line rehabilitation options have been discussed.


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