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  • UKRENERGO has publically discussed AMENDMENTS to the 2017 investment program


    Public discussions of draft amendments to 2017 UKRENERGO’s Investment Program for 2017 took place on August, 21 at UKRENERGO offices.

    For the first time ever, the company is hosting an event in such a format, inviting representatives of executive authorities and local self-governments. 

    Mr. Volodymyr Kudrytskyi – Investments and Strategies Director of UKRENERGO, Mr. Mykola Belkin – Technical Director, Mrs. Tetiana Muraviova – Head of the planning, analysis and reporting department, Mrs. Tetiana Polozova – Head of the investment programs administration department, representatives of several oblast’s state administrations participated in the discussion.

    By presenting amendments to UKRENERGO’s Investment program, Mr. Volodymyr Kudrytskyi emphasized the key changes to the Company’s investment activities:

    • integrated approach to rehabilitation of energy industry facilities with the goal of transferring them into modern automated enterprises, aiming at lowering operational expenses;
    • shifting to the three-years planning scheme, as the one-year planning time-frame if very often quite short for implementing complicated infrastructure projects;
    • financing of new construction projects totally on the account of competitive IFI’s credits, to lower investment load on the tariff.

    Changes to UKRENERGO’s basic investment document have been presented in the context of the Investment program elements, by determining financing sources and for each power system separately.

    “Amendments to the Investment program provide possibility for implementing new company’s investment policy principles, to complete projects of 2016. Moreover, changes we introduce would not impact in any way UKRENERGO’s current year tariff” – emphasized UKRENERGO’s Investments and Strategies Director Mr. Volodymyr Kudrytskyi.


    Following presentation, everyone wishing had a possibility to ask questions and receive comprehensive answers.

    Results of the discussion and questions-answers session have been recorded in the Minutes of meeting, which confirmed the support to proposing parties regarding amendments to the Investment program of UKRENERGO for 2017.

    Later on, the Minutes of meeting will be sent to NCREUS for its further assessment and approval of amendments to the Company’s Investment program. 

    On the August 29, we invite you to the open discussion of tariff change prospects applied to the energy transmission services through trunk transmission lines and interstate electrical power grids, including fees for the centralized dispatching control of Ukraine’s IPS for the next year 2018.


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