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    Representatives of Tetra Tech (U.S.) and AF-Mercados EMI (Spain) have visited ten substations of SE NPC Ukrenergo within three weeks, namely SS 750 kV “Zakhidnoukrainska,” SS 400 kV “Mukachevo,” SS 330 kV “Novovolynsk,” SS 330 kV “Hrabiv” (Zakhidna PS); SS 750 kV “Donbaska,” SS 330 kV “Myrhorod,” SS 330 kV “Kupiansk” (Pivnichna PS); SS 330 kV “Mykolaivska,” SS 330 kV “Trykhaty” (Pivdenna PS); and SS 330 kV “Lisova” (Tsentralna PS). This was a final visit of international consultants in the framework of preparation of a new investment project “Modernisation of Ukrenergo Transmission Grid” implemented with the support of EBRD. The first visit took place in June 2018 at SS 330 kV “Yavoriv” and SS 330 kV “Lviv pivdenna” of Zakhidna PS.

    This new investment project constitutes an integral part of Ukrenergo’s Comprehensive substations automation programme approved by the company in January 2018.

    The purpose of the project is to replace power equipment and rehabilitate substations with the implementation of an industrial control system (ICS).

    The project worth approximately 149 million euros will be financed at the expense of EBRD loan funds and will be implemented by 2021.

    Tetra Tech and AF-Mercados EMI are chosen by EBRD as international consultants on the issues of developing the feasibility study for modernisation of the mentioned substations.

    Our foreign colleagues thoroughly examined the equipment, buildings and facilities, fixated the state and terms of operation and the latest capital repairs and reviewed technical documents.

    Except for equipment, the international consultants paid significant attention to environmental issues, in particular utilisation of old equipment, as well as the issues of occupational safety, appropriate working conditions and training about safe methods of performing works. As of today, the issues of environmental protection and occupational safety constitute a significant component of any modernisation, and our European colleagues monitor the compliance with these rules in detail.

    Together with Ukrenergo specialists, the participants discussed substations rehabilitation schedules, the nearest prospects of grid development and the possibility of expanding existing switchgear for further connection of additional power or consumption sources.

    “The schedule of rehabilitation of each substation will be prepared taking into account the need of fail-safe supply of electricity without reducing the reliability of central substations of power systems,” noted Yurii Ilienko, Head of Project Technical Maintenance Unit. “The replacement of substation power equipment with the simultaneous transition to the modern schemes of switchgear and installation of ICS will significantly increase the efficiency and reliability of electricity transmission and allow controlling substation equipment from regional centres without continuous presence of personnel at operational sites. Substations automation will form a powerful technical base for possible implementation of smart grid technologies in accordance with the Second Project for Transmission of Electricity (PTE-2) implemented by Ukrenergo in cooperation with IBRD,” said Yurii Ilienko.

    Upon the results of the visit and based on the collected information, the specialists from Tetra Tech and AF-Mercados EMI will develop a feasibility study for rehabilitation of substations in the nearest future.


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