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  • UKRENERGO does not rule out a campaign discrediting the intention to integrate IPS of Ukraine into ENTSO-E

    Today, UKRENERGO CEO Vsevolod Kovalchuk held a press conference for Ukrainian mass media to provide exhaustive information regarding the Agreement on the terms and conditions of the future merger of Ukraine’s and Moldova’s power systems with the energy system of continental Europe, which he signed on 28 June in Brussels.

    Since European energy integration means eventual disconnection of Ukraine’s IPS from Russia’s power system (with which we have been historically synchronized) and fundamental changes in the rules of the game in energy sector, such as implementation of the EU’s Third Energy Package and creation of a real competitive environment in the electricity market, these processes cause opposition and information attacks from Russian and/or Russia-affiliated media, bloggers and the so-called “experts”. Among the most discussed subjects are too high a price paid for integration, futility of this path, tariff hikes, possible denial of synchronization by ENTSO-E, and so on.

    We would like to emphasize once again that European integration of Ukraine’s power system is an irreversible process, and the numerous technological measures we have to implement are aimed, first of all, at modernization of infrastructure, improvement of electricity generation and transmission quality, and enhancement of our energy security and energy independence. The overwhelming majority of these measures are envisaged by development plans of the IPS of Ukraine for the nearest years, and will be implemented irrespectively of integration into ENTSO-E. Therefore, they won’t make the burden on tariff heavier in any significant way and won’t lead to the tariff’s increase.

    Revamping the electricity market by introducing competitive mechanisms and the subsequent full-fledged integration into the European energy market would also have positive consequences, because fair competition has never resulted in the worsening of conditions for consumers. Therefore, synchronization would have unquestionable positive consequences for the country on the whole.

    “The purpose of numerous negative materials in media space, sometimes personal insults and even threats against me is to discredit UKRENERGO and Ukraine in general as a reliable and predictable partner defending European values. I do not rule out a campaign being launched in the nearest future to discredit the very idea of synchronization and UKRENERGO in particular, waged both outside and inside the country. We have to consolidate efforts of all parties to this process, because together we’ll win,” Vsevolod Kovalchuk said.


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