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  • Ukrenergo and moldelectrica in a spirit of cooperation towards power systems synchronization with ENTSO-E

    The agreement on joint actions towards synchronization was reached during the working meeting of the SE “NPC “Ukrenergo” representatives with the SE “Moldelectrica” delegation on 15 November in Kyiv

    The Parties confirmed their aim to ensure the joint actions concerning implementation of measures towards synchronization of the power systems with ENTSO-E. The Parties agreed to exchange their action plans and to ensure the rapid exchange of information.

    The Parties agreed as well on establishing the technical working group to work out the joint actions regarding implementation of the synchronization measures in the following areas: market and cross-border flows, power system operation and dispatching, grid development, IT and telecommunications infrastructure.

    The Parties highlighted the current state of implementation of measures towards synchronization of the Ukrainian and Moldovan power systems into ENTSO-E.

    Ukrenergo has already prepared the 5-year action plan on synchronization of the Ukrainian energy system with ENTSO-E. The document includes all activity orientations regarding conformity of the national power system to the European standards: modernization and reconstruction of the generation facilities, grids (trunk power and distribution), dispatching, telecommunications and IT infrastructure, harmonization of the regulatory and technical documentation.  

    The experts of the Moldovan system operator are as well working out the following plan.

    The Ukrenergo representatives informed the Moldovan colleagues about signing of the Memorandum with key national electricity producers on joint actions towards future integration of the Ukrainian energy system into ENTSO-E and elucidated on the funding sources to implement the requirements of the Catalogue of measures.

    The delegations drew a great deal of attention to the lobbing of synchronization with ENTSO-E on the state level given this is a key project to attain the energy independence.

    «Sure, Ukraine and Ukrenergo have to fulfill more actions on the way to ENTSO-E comparing to the Moldovan colleagues, however our power systems are interconnected and it is not possible to attain the EU-integration initiatives without Moldova” stated Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO at Ukrenergo.


    «We support the general principle of the integration into ENTSO-E and we are ready to develop solutions to accelerate the reaching of a mutual result”, commented Hennadiy Dimov, CEO at Moldelectrica. 


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