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  • Ukrenergo and Moldelectrica: cooperation towards integration into ENTSO-E continues

    On July 11-12, Chisinau hosted a working meeting of the representatives of SE NPC Ukrenergo and SE Moldelectrica aimed at discussing a wide range of issues regarding synchronization with ENTSO-E.

    Upon the results of the meeting, the parties approved and signed the procedure for determining the parameters of frequency control and power exchange in the control block between Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

    In addition, the parties discussed the main principles of defining the boundaries of control areas between SE NPC Ukrenergo and SE Moldelectrics and agreed the procedure for compensating for unpredictable deviations in the General control block.

    This will meet the requirements and rules of ENTSO-E. Moreover, during the meeting, we agreed on the first joint training of operational personnel of system operators of Ukraine and Moldova in Kyiv in September this year. And this is an opportunity to significantly improve communication and understanding of the dispatching staff of both power systems and, as a result, to increase the reliability of the parallel operation of the power grids of Ukraine and Moldova,Serhii Fandul, Head of Operational and Dispatching Department of Ukrenergo, commented on the event.


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