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    On May 15, 2018, Lviv hosted a meeting between the specialists of SE “NPC “Ukrenergo” and “Moldelectrica”, the system operator of the Republic of Moldova. Our Moldovan colleagues had a possibility to be acquainted with the operation of the central regulator of “the Island of Burshtynska TPP” and operation principles of the Polish Regulation Unit, including “the Island of Burshtynska Power Plant.”

    During the meeting, the Parties in general discussed the status of implementation of the Agreement on the conditions of future integration of the countries’ power systems into the Continental European Power System. In addition, they continued working on the draft annexes to the Operational Agreement on the establishment of a regulatory unit within the power grids of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova (hereinafter referred to as the Operational Agreement).

    Based on the results of the negotiations, the Parties, inter alia, approved and signed the methodology for metering electricity at the virtual point, prepared in full compliance with the requirements of the ENTSO-E Operation Handbook.

    Let us remind you that in April 2018, two additional annexes to the Operational Agreement were signed, namely, the Procedure for the provision of information on the regulation areas operation and the Electricity metering system for SE “NPC “Ukrenergo” and SE “Moldelectrica.” Thus, the Parties accomplished the roadmap for the development of annexes to the Operational Agreement for the first six months.

    “Conclusion of the Operational Agreement constitutes one of the main prerequisites for the synchronization of the IPS of Ukraine with the Continental European Power System. Therefore, approval and execution of annexes to the Operational Agreement are regarded as an important step towards integration into ENTSO-E,” Vitalii Zaichenko, Deputy CEO for Operational Management – Chief Dispatcher, commented on the meeting. “Given the pace at which we develop these documents and succeed in finding common points of view with our Moldovan colleagues, there is hope that this year we will complete the preparation of the Operational Agreement in accordance with the European requirements. Then we will submit it for verification to system operators in Europe for their comments or suggestions and for the further coordination with the ENTSO-E governing agencies.”

    In addition, within the framework of the meeting, the specialists of the regional dispatch center of the Western region shared the experience of working at “the Island of Burshtynska TPP” with their foreign colleagues.

    For reference

    In April 2018, Ihor Nasalyk, the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, and Vitalie Iurcu, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova, signed the Memorandum on cooperation between the line ministries of the two countries and on joint actions aimed at ensuring the EU integration processes to achieve the synchronous operation of power systems of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova with ENTSO-E. The document clearly sets out the parties’ endorsement of the general principle of the joint integration of their power systems into ENTSO-E and confirms the joint interest in the efforts implementation towards securing the synchronous operation of the Ukrainian and Moldavan integrated power system (considered a single control unit) with the power system of the Continental Europe.


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