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    The construction and reconstruction of overhead power transmission line (OHL) 330 kV Zakhidnoukrayinska – Bohorodchany is underway at Zakhidna Power System.

    Construction and reconstruction of this OHL will increase the power transferred from the Rivnenska NPP and the Khmelnitska NPP in the repair and emergency schemes of the Zakhid-Vinnytsia intersection and improve the conditions for the injection of the  Dniester PSPS and will significantly enhance reliability of electricity supply to consumers in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

    «In addition, it will be possible to shift the power supply of consumers of the Opornyanskyi load center (Ivano-Frankivsk region) from «Burshtyn TPP Island» to the IPS of Ukraine to support the export potential of Ukraine», – said Petro Chornopyskyi, Chief Engineer of the Zakhidna PS.

    The project envisages reconstruction of 60,8 km of the existing overhead power line, built in 1990. The complete reconstruction of the site, that lies from support №18 near Burshtyn TPP to 330 kV «Bohorodchany» SS, provides for the replacement of 206 supports, a wire and a lightning protection cable. At present, a wire with the line hardware and an old lightning protection cable are being dismantled. In parallel, the supply of materials for replacing metal supports is continuing.

    The project also includes construction of a new section of the line at a length of 43,19 km from the substation 750 kV «Zakhidnoukrayinska» to the support №18 as well as the alteration of existing 330 kV and OHL 220 kV crossing the projected high-voltage line.

    The total length of OHL 330 kV  Zakhidnoukrayinska – Bohorodchany will be more than 103 km. Moreover, in the framework of the project, 330 kV «Bohorodchany» and 750 kV «Zakhidnoukrayinska» will be modernized with the replacement of switches, emergency control equipment, automatic protective and communication devices.

    «Construction of the Zakhidnoukrayinska – Bohorodchany power line is a strategically important issue, the solution of which has been lasting for decades. I am glad that we were able to get a problem off the ground and now we are actively working upon it», – commented on this event Petro Chornopyskyi.


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