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  • Ukrenergo and Litgrid AB. Sharing experience

    The representatives of Litgrid AB, the Lithuanian transmission system operator, visited the Ukrenergo premises on 5-7 December.

    Aim of the meeting – discussion and share of experience regarding operational modes management within Ukrainian and Lithuanian energy systems, integration into ENTSO-E, functioning of the balancing market and ancillary services market as well as cyber threats.

    The meeting followed the last visit of the Lithuanian Republic delegation to Kyiv led by Simonas Šatūnas, Vice-Minister of Energy, when the parties agreed to intensify the cooperation between Ukraine and Lithuania within the energy sphere.  

    As is widely known, the Lithuanian energy system is an integral part of the Brell energy ring (Belarus-Russia-Estonia-Lithuania-Latvia), however Lithuania like Ukraine is to integrate into the European network ENTSO-E. Moreover, Litgrid AB had already implemented the strategic plans to connect NordBalt (Lithuania-Sweden) and LitPol Link (Lithuania-Poland) in 2016.

    Hence, the experience of the Lithuanian transmission system operator within grid and market integration as well as a problem solving on this way are extremely important for Ukrenergo.

    The Lithuanian party described principles of the Litgrid AB operational and dispatching work and main milestones as regards to the Lithuanian energy market development.

    The delegations drew a great deal of attention to a new electricity market model being implemented in Baltic countries which is to remove the existing obstacles for competition. At first, it will lead to elimination of the cross border restrictions on electricity trade, creation of the joint energy reserves, deregulation of the energy tariffs and full opening of the retail market to attain the general energy exchange in the Northern and Baltic regions.

    Ukrenergo party in its turn shared its experience regarding achievements in the new electricity market model implementation, ancillary services market as well as measures to fulfill the ENTSO-E Catalogue of Requirements and power reserves guarantee according to the European standards.  

    Cyber security was one of the main points the participants paid attention at. Ukrenergo shared its valuable experience in combatting virus attacks on the Company’s facilities in 2016-2017. “Cybersecurity plays a great role in the energy sector given the fast development of IT”, commented Vadym Horiushko, CIO at Ukrenergo. “We are to work closely in order to get the acute data on the possible ways of the cyber threats, ways of prevention and an effective counteraction. It is vital for the energy security of the country as a whole”.  

    The participants visited as well the 330kV substation “Pivnichna” and Kyiv HPP and HPSPP.


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