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  • Ukrenergo launches communication channels in English

    State Enterprise “NPC “Ukrenergo” has launched an English version of its Facebook account.   

    Therefore, starting today, all information about Ukrenergo operation and activities inside the Company and in a power sector in general will be published in English.

    Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO of Ukrenergo commented on this occasion “Ukrenergo will be a transparent, open and clear for society, clients and partners. We are building a Company with a well-defined EU-integration direction. Moreover, our communication strategy is primarily focused on creation of the Ukrenergo positive image not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders, among our partners. No more translation problems!”

    An English version of our official website will also be available next Monday.

    The information resources of the Ukrainian TSO will become a reliable source of information about the current situation, events, plans and horizons of the domestic power industry for the foreign partners and investors in Ukraine.  

    It is quite difficult to implement positive changes on way of a sustainable development in a global power industry without a complete mutual understanding between the stakeholders. We have done a great (however not mandatory) step forward to become a full member of a great European family of the system operators.

    Join us! Follow Ukrenergo in English!

    This May, Ukrenergo has approved a Company`s 10-year Development strategy. The Document elucidates the directions, tasks and targets of the Ukrenergo operational aspects to turn it in 10 years into an ENTSO-E integrated TSO and a TOP-5 TSO as regards to the cost per equipment installed capacity unit and level of a technological development.

    Communication section of the Strategy concentrates on the Ukrenergo leadership in openness and predictability among power companies.  Ukrenergo will develop a broad system of contacts and communications in Ukraine and with the foreign partners.  



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