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  • Ukrenergo is a key driver of changes in the national energy sector.

    The following statement was announced by Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO at Ukrenergo, during the press conference on the results of the year 2017 and plans of the company for 2018. The press conference was held on the 6th of February 2018.

    Speaking to media, members of public and energy experts, CEO at Ukrenergo elucidated on the company`s results in all spheres of activities. 

    Notwithstanding the challenging conditions as the longest ever state of emergency within the Ukrainian energy system, troubles with the coal storage at the TPPs, Petya.A cyber threat, the Ukrainian energy system functioned steadily. There was not any forced shutdown of consumers to ensure its stability. Moreover, a couple of HPPs were connected to the automated frequency and power control system   with 480 MW control range. The following range will get higher in order to meet the European standards to ensure the automatic power reserves within the energy system. 

    In general, in 2017, Ukrenergo worked out and approved the first development strategy for the nest 10 years aimed at achieving the ambitious goal – becoming of a leading European TSO in the operating efficiency and technological evolution.  “Our key goal within efficiency increase and Eurointegration initiatives amounts to reduction of the financial load on the end user and provision of the  European quality of services and competitive conditions of the electricity market”, emphasized Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

    Last year Ukrenergo stood out as a single state enterprise to initiate the reduction of tariff on its services. That was possible given optimization of the production processes,  increase in the operating income and overall renovation of the facilities.

    “The company saved over 249 mln euros in procurements during almost 2 years of my tenure as the CEO of Ukrenergo. Yes, there is much to be proud of however we do not stop here. We will further strengthen our leading positions among the other state enterprises concerning cost saving”, mentioned Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

    We have also changed the approaches of working with the customers, namely  creation and functioning of the “single window”, interactive map of the trunk power grids, auction platform on allocating capacities of the Ukrainian cross-border power grids. It is to be mentioned as well the procurements and sales are fulfilled on the e-platforms. We perceive main goal while implementing all the measures stated above – providing the customers with the utmost support, minimizing of the human factor`s influence and avoiding the corruption risks. 

    We have already defined certain time frames to fulfill our main tasks: integration into ENTSO-E, implementation of the new electricity market model, corporatization of Ukrenergo and modernization of the infrastructure.  Yes, they are quite ambitious however we have a clear vision and support of the key stakeholders and partners both in Ukraine and abroad. Hence, I am convinced that together with the team we will achieve our goals”, mentioned Vsevolod Kovalchuk.  

    CEO at Ukrenergo highlighted as well key goals and directions for 2018:

    • execution of the requirements stipulated by the Catalogue of measures within the framework of the Ukrainian and European energy systems synchronization;   
    • corporatization;
    • submission of an application to obtain the TSO certification;
    • purchase of the balancing market services and other actions which are necessary to implement the new electricity market model;
    • formation and approval of the Supervisory board – a key step towards reduction of the political influence on Ukrenergo;
    • implementation of the infrastructure projects which is to eliminate the “bottlenecks” within the energy system as well as to make the best use of the interstate grids;
    • launching of the large-scale program to automate the substations;
    • brand new level of the cyber security;

    To sum up the conference, Vsevolod Kovalchuk emphasized: “2017 was a year of the real changes for Ukrenergo. Changes are real. We are the changes. We will continue to be a driver of changes within the energy sphere as well as the role model of the effective reforming”.

    To download the presentation of Vsevolod Kovalchuk.


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