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  • Ukrenergo invited CIGRE members to develop new educational standards in the power industry

    At the beginning of this week, Paris hosted the 47th session of the international association CIGRE, which gathers the leading power companies from all over the world for sharing knowledge, experience and technologies in the field of electricity on a biennial basis. This time, a record number of participants (more than 3,500 delegates from more than 100 countries) attended CIGRE session. Ukrenergo represented Ukraine at this international conference.

    In the framework of this year’s conference programme, the participants were offered a new format, namely a CEO meeting, which united over 200 leaders of power companies from all around the world. Andrew Ott, CEO and President of the world’s largest operator PJM Interconnection (US), moderated the meeting.

    Attention of the most powerful energy companies around the world is now focused on finding the ways to increase its own competitiveness in the labour market, as well as raising the quality standards of education for the future generations of employees. For example, American power giants, which employ millions of people, are already competing in the labour market with the Silicon Valley and other successful start-ups. The tendencies of growing demand and competition in the labour market are also confirmed in the European market.

    Vsevolod Kovalchuk and Andrew Ott, CEO of the US transmission system operator PJM

    During the discussion of sectoral challenges at the meeting of CEOs of power companies, CEO of Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk invited the colleagues to unite forces and, together with leading universities in the world, develop new educational standards in the field of power sector.

    “The world is rapidly changing and moving towards smart solutions. The electricity sector is no exception. To meet the challenges of modern times, we need professionals who not only have classical education in our field, but also, for example, understand the development and implementation of complex IT solutions. To do this, we need qualitatively new standards of higher education. Particularly relevant these educational changes would be for the Ukrainian power system, which is currently experiencing a period of serious transformations. We invite our colleagues from all over the world to work together to develop recommendations for leading universities to adjust educational programs and become a “polygon” for testing and improving the joint initiatives developed by CIGRE,” said Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO of Ukrenergo.

    The impact of the power sector on climate change, transformations in power systems causes by decarbonization, a tendency of moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, etc. were among the topics actively discussed during the meeting.

    For reference.

    International Council on Large Electrical Systems CIGRE (Conseil International Des Grands Réseaux Électriques) is a permanent non-government and non-profit international association headquartered in Paris.

    The main task of this public organization is the exchange of technical knowledge and information among engineering staff and technical experts from all countries in the field of generation and transmission of high voltage electricity.

    CIGRE is recognized as the world’s leading energy association, covering technical, economic and organizational issues in the field of electricity, as well as regulation and environmental issues.


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