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  • Ukrenergo installed modern supervisory equipment at Zakhidna Power System

    During the modernization of the power grid, Ukrenergo installed the first interactive control panel in Lviv. Dispatchers of Zakhidna Power System of Ukrenergo will begin its operation on March 18, 2019.
    The panel consists of projecting display cubes manufactured by the Belgian company Barco and combined with the operational information complex (OIC) of the automated dispatch control system.

    The new panel of with a diagonal of 7.2 m in an interactive multi-window mode 24/7 transmits information on the state of the main power equipment of Zakhidna Power System. A duty dispatcher has a possibility to quickly and conveniently display on any blocks of the screen the necessary information – separate power centers, charts and circuits. The panel is operated by a duplicate video server, connected to the active OIC by copper links and fibre optic links. At present, the control panel of Zakhidna Power System is the most up-to-date design solution among Ukrenergo’s power systems. Similar solutions are used by system operators of European countries. It is planned that in the coming years the updating of control panels will take place in all other regional dispatching control rooms of the company.
    The project in Zakhidna Power System of Ukrenergo was implemented within the framework of Zakhidna PS Investment Program 2018. Its value is almost 17.5 million UAH.
    «Today the Ukrainian power grid is undergoing the large-scale modernization. And the installation of modern equipment at Zakhidna Power System is one of the examples. We work closely with European electricity transmission operators, poach the most progressive ideas and solutions, and implement them in Ukraine. Modernization is an integral part of the integration of Ukrainian electricity into the European one. And this, in turn, will become a significant contribution of Ukrenergo to the overall energy independence of Ukraine», — said Sevki ACUNER, Chair of the supervisory Board of SE NPC Ukrenergo.
    «Modernization of the power grid is becoming a new economic impetus of Lviv region. This, in turn, will provide consumers with high-quality energy and reliable electricity supply and prevent losses for industry and population both in Lviv oblast and in the Western region as a whole», — said Rostyslav ZAMLYNSKY, First Deputy Head of Lviv region state administration.


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