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  • Ukrenergo initiates changes to the law to expand the opportunities for the integration of “green” generation into the “Island of Burshtynska TPP”

    SE NPC Ukrenergo initiates changes to the Transmission System Code, which will allow integrating larger volumes of renewable energy sources (RES) into the “Island of Burshtynska TPP.”
    The relevant proposals have already been submitted to the NEURC for consideration. On 16 August 2018, Ukrenergo representatives discussed these innovations in Lviv with interested market participants and local authorities.

    The event was attended by the heads of the Lviv regional state administration, representatives of Lvivoblenergo, Prykarpattiaoblenergo and Zakarpattiaoblenergo operating on the territory of the “Island of Burshtynska TPP,” as well as investors and power sector experts. The meeting was moderated by Deputy CEO – Operational Director of SE NPC Ukrenergo Oleksii Brekht.

    Starting from 2002, the power system of the “Island of Burshtynska TPP” has been operating in a synchronous mode with ENTSO-E. Currently, in view of the necessity to balance the power system, it cannot satisfy the demand for connecting the claimed number of RES objects. Indeed, due to the lack of sufficient capacities for balancing, the connection of a large number of “green” generation facilities poses significant risks to the reliable operation and security of electricity supply.

    “The meeting in Lviv showed that investors fully understood the problems associated with the balancing of RES. We have already started to mention in the technical conditions for connection that in order to avoid balancing problems, it is expedient to build either modern energy storage devices or high-manoeuvrable capacities near “green” power plants to be able to supply electricity into the grid in case of necessity,” said Operational Director of SE NPC Ukrenergo Oleksii Brekht.

    At the same time, in order to solve the problem at the legislative level, Ukrenergo submitted proposals to amend the Transmission System Code to the NEURC. In particular, regarding the need to provide Ukrenergo with information on new applications and contracts for connection from distribution network operators, so that the transmission system operator (TSO), that is Ukrenergo, had a complete picture of how much new RES capacities are added to the grid.




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