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    Ukrenergo connected Kyiv HPP, Middle Dnieper HPP, Dnieper HPP-1 and Kakhovka HPP to the automatic frequency and power control system with 480MW control range. That was possible owing to the preparation sessions and joint testing of the following HPPs within the framework of the automatic frequency and power control system together with Ukrhydroenergo.

    Connection of the HPP to the automatic frequency and power control system strengthened the reliability of the energy system and its flexibility. Meanwhile, in case of emergency situation, like loss of some generating capacities, it will be rapidly eliminated in an automatic mode without the interference of the dispatching personnel or switching off the consumers.

    “We are to connect the Kremenchug HPP to the automatic frequency and power control system which will allow achieving the control range of up to  600 MW. That will strengthen the control quality and sustainability as well as ensure delivery of the European requirements regarding scope of the regulating capacities”, commented Vitalii Zaichenko, deputy CEO, Chief Dispatcher at Ukrenergo.  

    As of now we are working on connection the largest in Ukraine Dniester HPSPP to the automatic frequency and power control system.

    The current frequency is one of the main indicators of the electricity quality and the energy system sustainable operation. It is maintained via production and power consumption balance.

    The imbalance in the system leads to deviation of the current frequency and deterioration of the equipment functioning both within generation and consumers. Hydropower plants are engaged in the process of the balance restoration.

    The automatic frequency and power control system is used to regulate frequency within the Ukrainian energy system in an isolated mode as well as to control the active power flows via interstate transmission lines when the Ukrainian energy system operates synchronically with the adjacent countries systems.

    The control of frequency and active power is carried out by the software package consisting of the generation management automatic subsystem (central regulator) installed in Ukrenergo. In cases of deviation from the energy system given mode of operation, the central regulator sends tasks (signals) to the HPP where they are received and processed by the station management systems being distributed among hydroelectric generating units.

    As a result, the HPP modifies capacity leveling the flow or frequency and power parameters via interstate lines.

    We will remind the Dnieper HPP-1 was disconnected from the automatic frequency and power control system given the hacker attack as of 11 July 2017.  Thus, control of the interstate flow at the border crossings of the Ukrainian energy system-Russia, Belarus was carried out by the dispatchers in manual mode.


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