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  • Ukrenergo held a pre-tender meeting with potential suppliers of hardware for the introduction of the balancing market

    On December 19, a pre-tender meeting with potential tenderers for the procurement of hardware for the introduction of the balancing market took place (Item №3 “Telecommunication Infrastructure”) within the framework of UE5 / 5 “Implementation of the Balancing Market”. The UE / 5 package is a part of the Second Electricity Transmission Project funded by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Clean Technology Fund.

    At the moment, tender documentation on the item has been acquired by 8 potential participants, among which, besides Ukrainian companies are those from the Czech Republic, Israel, Switzerland.

    Their representatives took part in the meeting, where the technical issues were specified and comments on the item requirements stated in the tender documentation were expressed.

    Such a policy of pre-tender meetings has proven itself well and allows tenderers to prepare and submit their proposals more qualitatively and according to the requirements and needs of the company.

    It should be noticed that the implementation of the balancing market introduction project has been divided into two parts: applied software and hardware application. Such a division is made in order to purchase software for the entire market platform without being tied to a limited range of hardware vendors. This allows one to purchase hardware at reasonable and competitive prices to deploy the entire market platform software according to its technical specifications.

    The software of the balancing market, the market of auxiliary services and the system of the account manager are already being under development.

    For the efficient and complex work of all components and systems of the balancing market complex a modern, high-speed and reliable telecommunication infrastructure is needed, which shall provide the technological part of data exchange between market participants.

    Implementation of the telecommunication infrastructure development project will allow:

    – increase in number of channels and traffic, which in turn will greatly increase the spectrum and speed of data transmission;

    – provision of high fault tolerance of the network;

    – the usage of modern DWDM, MPLS and LAN technologies for data transmission.

    The opening of tenders is scheduled for February 4, 2019.

    To point out, according to the Law of Ukraine “On the Electricity Market” a new model of the electricity market should start its operation in the second half of 2019.


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