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  • Ukrenergo has achieved the highest index of investment programme implementation in recent years

    Ukrenergo’s implementation of Investment Programme in 2018 reached 96%. Financing of reconstruction and construction projects amounted to UAH2.8 billion, disbursements made UAH2.7 billion, and the new facilities amounting to UAH1.9 billion were commissioned.

    The investment programme implementation reached its 5-year high thanks to several key factors.  In 2018, departments of capital construction, monitoring of the implementation of the investment programme, procurement and the project management office were merged into a single investment fuction. Improving business processes in procurement and capital construction and new management of these divisions was also a significant factor.

    Key projects implemented in 2018 were the reconstruction of 750 kV Kyivska SS with the installation of a second 750 kV autotransformer (AT) (first component), reconstruction of 220 kV Berezan SS in Mykolayiv region, reconstruction of 750 kV Vinnytsia SS together with the installation of 330 kV AT-4, construction of a fiber-optic communication line at Trypillya-Kaniv-Cherkassy-Kremenchuk plot.  In addition, a 400 kV Mukacheve SS with the installation of AT-4, 330 kV Kremenchuk SS with connection AT-4, etc. was reconstructed.

    Ukrenergo also achieved significant dynamics in the implementation of programmes to replace substations’ transformer equipment. As of 01.01.2019, 19 items of power equipment (autotransformers, transformers, phase-shifting transformers and reactors) were put into operation at 10 Ukrenergo substations, including 750 kV Zakhidnoukrainska SS, 330 kV Lviv Pivdenna SS, Poltava, Polyana, Hirnycha etc.

    The implementation of these and a number of other investment measures is aimed at increasing the level of reliability and security of the transmission system in line with the European requirements for integration of Ukraine’s power system into the ENTSO-E, as well as giving new momentum to green generation and local economic development.

    Such result arrived thanks to institutional changes made during the year. Next year we are aiming for even more ambitious results — 2019 Investment Programme plans UAH3.3 billion capital investments. In order to fulfil the company’s strategic goals in terms of modernisation, automation of substations and new construction of energy facilities, Ukrenergo has all the necessary financial resources and organisational opportunities. In this case, loan funding will be given preference to reduce the tariff load,” said Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, Deputy CEO for Investments at Ukrenergo.


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