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  • Ukrenergo and GSE: a common European vector

    On May 21-22, a meeting between the representatives of Ukrenergo and GSE, Georgia’s transmission system operator, took place in Lviv.

    During the meeting, the parties discussed the common features of Ukrainian and Georgian power systems, as well as their movement and aspirations towards the European integration.

    “In addition to similar approaches to the construction of power infrastructure and an ambition to create a competitive electricity market, both power systems intend to become a part of the European energy community,” said Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO of Ukrenergo. “As for this issue, Ukrenergo is one step ahead since we have already signed the Agreement on the conditions for the future integration of the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova into ENTSO-E and are systematically moving towards its implementation. As for the rest of the issues regarding reforms and integration, we are practically going side by side. This is why the exchange of experience is very important and valuable,” he noted.

    The Georgian side was particularly interested in the unique solution for the post-Soviet energy space, namely the parallel operation with the European power grid in the format of the “Island of Burshtynska TPP.” That is why the central office of Ukrenergo’s Zakhidna power system in Lviv was chosen as the venue for the meeting. Our Georgian colleagues were able to find out about the details of the implementation of this project, as well as the synchronization and parallel operation of the “Island” with ENTSO-E in accordance with the European standards. They also had an opportunity to visit Burshtynska TPP, 750 kV SS “Zakhidnoukrainska,” one of the largest substations in Europe, and Dnistrovska HPSPP.

    The parties also discussed the intensive development of renewable energy generation, its impact on balancing the power grid and the exchange of experience in relation to reforming the companies under the conditions of a rapidly changing environment.

    In turn, the representatives of GSE spoke about their implementation of a new electricity market in cooperation with the experts from North Pool, the largest European commodity trading company, which manages 9 energy markets in Northern Europe. In May 2019, the company plans to introduce a daily market and a balancing electricity market in Georgia.

    The Georgian side initiated the signing of the Memorandum on Coordination of Actions in the framework of the intentions of integrating the system operators of two countries into ENTSO-E. Ukrenergo supported this initiative. “This will constitute a basis for establishing a platform for coordinating actions and developing a common position within the framework of the Energy Community and other aspects of cooperation,” said Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

    In addition, Sulkhan Zumbiridze, the Chairman of Management Board of GSE, suggested that the operators of Moldova and Armenia join the platform as the parties intending to integrate into the European energy community.


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