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  • Ukrenergo entered into a contract with General Electric Grid Solutions for the reconstruction of substations in the East of Ukrain

    The State Enterprise “NEC” Ukrenergo “has concluded a contract with General Electric Grid Solutions (Federal Republic of Germany) and Chernomorenhozpetsmontazh (Ukraine) for the reconstruction of the 330 kV substation” Kharkivska “and” Zalyutin “of the Northern Power System.
    The reconstruction of these substations will be carried out within the framework of the project “Reconstruction of substations in the eastern part of Ukraine” in 2019-2022 for the financing of the German government and provides for the reconstruction of four substations:

    • 750 kV Zaporozhskaya (Zaporozhye region) and 750 kV Dniprovska (Dnipropetrovsk region) of the Dnipro power system;
    • 330 kV Kharkivska (formerly Artema) and 330 kV Zalyutin (Kharkiv region) of the Northern power system.

    The substations will be replaced by power equipment, cable ties, relay protection and automation devices. For the reconstruction of substations in densely built industrial zone of Kharkiv it is planned to replace obsolete oil and air equipment on a new one with the use of 330 kV insulated gas complete switchgears and 110 kV hybrid switchgears. Modernization of substations will increase the quality and reliability of power supply in the region.

    “Substations 330 kV” Kharkivskaya “and” Zalyutin “play an essential role in supplying power supply to the eastern region of Ukraine. Upon further integration into ENTSO-E, the value of these substations will increase significantly, – said Deputy Director of Investments Ukrenergo Volodymyr Kudrytsky during the signing of the contact. “That is why the modernization of these facilities should be carried out at the highest technological level, while complying with all ENTSO-E reliability and safety requirements.”

    Director of Sales GE Grid Solutions Pierre Mezari said: “GE’s cooperation with Ukrenergo in a strategically important project has a significant impact on both sides. This Project is an expressive milestone evidencing the successful extension of good cooperation between GE Grid Solutions – leading Suppliers of the state of the art energy technologies and Ukrenergo – one of the significant Energy Utilities across Ukrainian Energy Market.

    Realization of this project will allow to bring these energy facilities to a new level of reliability and safety of work which meet European requirements “.


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