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  • Ukrenergo enhances the reliability of the power supply of Kyiv region

    The second autotransformer 750/330 kV (hereinafter – AT-1) with the capacity of 999 MVA was put into operation at SS 750 kV Kyivska with the capacity of 2000 MVA located in the Makariv district of the Kyiv region. The new AT-1 is equipped with modern monitoring and fire prevention systems SERGI.

    The monitoring system allows to remotely monitor the main operating modes of AT-1, generates warning and alarm signals regarding its edge operating conditions. It has many other options allowing to track the technical condition of the autotransformer and, if necessary, take the necessary measures in due time.

    The project on the installation of the second autotransformer at SS 750 kV Kyivska was implemented by Ukrenergo together with the Croatian company DALEKOVOD d.d.Zagreb on account of loan funds of the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The cost of commissioned fixed assets – UAH 1.4 billion.

    «The installation of the second autotransformer reduced the load on existing autotransformers 750/330 kV of the metropolitan area. And this, in turn, raises the reliability of the energy supply of the Kyiv region and Kyiv itself,», – Deputy CEO for Operational Management – Chief Dispatcher Vitalii Zaichenko commented on the event. «Upon completion of the construction of diversions of OHL 330 kV Chornobylska NPP – Kyivska and Pivnichna – Kyivska, that will link SS 750 kV Kyivska to 330 kV networks of the the Kyiv Energy Сircle, this substation will provide 1 million kilowatts of additional capacity of Rivnenska and Khmelnytska NPPs. This will reduce the dependence of consumers’ supply on the generation of metropolitan gasfired CHPP-5 and CHРP-6, significantly enhance the reliability of the power supply and give a new impetus to the industrial and economic development of Kyiv region», – he said.

    SS 750 kV Kyivska is the key energy unit of the Kyiv Energy Сircle. It provides electricity to Kyiv and the region. The substation was built in 2008 with the use of power and measuring equipment of relay protection systems and automation from leading manufacturers of the world.

    The implementation of the second launch complex is underway – the construction of  diversions of OHL 330 kV Chornobylska NPP – Kyivska and Pivnichna – Kyivska, the completion of which is planned in summer 2019.


    For reference

    * The security system Transformer Protector by French SERGI is today the only proven effective solution to protect the transformer from explosions and fires. In its composition it has а diaphragm, which, with increasing the pressure in the tank of the autotransformer to a level close to the critical one, ruptures in a few milliseconds, thereby reducing the pressure and not allowing it to reach critical values. At the same time the transformer is fed with to prevent the penetration of air into it and the emergence of a fire hot spot.

    ** Тhe Kyiv Energy Сircle includes substations of SE NPC Ukrenergo 330 kV Pivnichna, Novokyivska, Brovarska, Zhovtneva, as well as generating capacities CHPP-5 and CHРP-6.


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