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  • Ukrenergo: endurance test by heat

    Ukraine’s record high temperature for this summer, +39.5°С, was registered on 5 August in Zaporizhia.

    The response of Ukraine’s power system to this heat was predictable, with high consumption rate peaking at 21:50 at 17,990 MW. This consumption was covered by electricity generation of 18,500 MW.

    The maximum consumption this summer was recorded on 4 August: 18,760 MW.

    This period was particularly difficult for the power system due to shutdown (on 4 August) and start of scheduled overhaul (on 5 August) of Zaporizka NPP’s reactor 4 (with the operating capacity of 800 MW).

    On 5 August, in view of the decline in generating capacity by 800 MW, consumption in the power system was covered by the entire operable equipment of NPPs, CHPPs, HPPs and TPPs fired by coals of gas group. In addition, five blocks of Kryvorizka TPP, two blocks of Prydniprovska TPP and one block of Zmiivska TPP, all anthracite-fired, have been put into operation.

    Dobrotvirska TPP and two blocks of Burshtynska TPP have been also diverted to help IPS of Ukraine cope with demand.

    Daily coal consumption was 85.6 thousand tons, including 22 thousand tons of anthracite and 63.6 thousand tons of coal of gas group. 32 thousand tons of coal was used from the stock of TPPs.

    Thermal power plants were responsible for generation of 42.5% of the total electricity output, while “green” generation amounted to mere 0.02%.

    When compiling the electricity production schedule for all power plants, Energorynok SE takes into account Ukrenergo’s requirements concerning safety parameters of power grids and capacity reserves to cover possible losses in generation or increasing consumption on the basis of consumption forecasts.


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