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  • Ukrenergo discusses cooperation in line with ENTSO-E rules with Hungary TSO MAVIR

    Ukrenergo and the Hungarian Transmission System Operator (MAVIR) held the first joint working meeting on harmonisation of technical processes in the Integrated Power System (IPS) of Ukraine with grid processes in ENTSO-E countries in the framework of the project for integration of power systems of Ukraine and Moldova into continental Europe. The meeting took place in Budapest (Hungary) on March 29, 2019. Today, Hungary is one of the key importers of Ukrainian electricity with an annual average of about 3 billion kWh.

    In February 2018 Ukrenergo and MAVIR signed a Memorandum for upgrading 750kV Interstate Zakhidnoukrainska – Albertirsa PL to enhance energy security in Hungary’s region Kisvarda (involves construction of a new 750/440 kV Sabolchbaka SS near the Ukrainian border and installation of a transposition support from the Ukrainian side).

    The topics discussed during the working meeting included, inter alia, the experience of Hungarian colleagues in processes of planning and metering of electricity, data exchange, calculation of the interstate network bandwidth, working with European platforms for balancing and exchange of reserves, operational planning and ensuring operational security, as stipulated by regulations.

    “The purpose of our dialogue with MAVIR is to find a common vision and understanding of the importance of the Ukrainian grid for the European energy space, as well as the potential challenges that we will be facing. We are committed to continuous improvement of our cooperation with Hungarian colleagues and other TSOs that are part of ENTSO-E,” said Vitalii Zaichenko, Deputy CEO for Operational Management and Chief Dispatcher of Ukrenergo.


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