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    On September 20, Ukrenergo held an open discussion on amendments to the Investment Program of the company for 2018. In particular, it is planned to increase the volume of the Investment Program by UAH 271 million up to UAH 2,878 billion due to savings upon the results of purchases in 2017.

    Amendments to the Investment Program include increase of financing of certain energy facilities as well as redistribution of funds between years and projects, taking into account the implementation of existing contracts, actualization of the cost of investment projects, as well as the priority and importance of the facilities.

    In addition, according to Deputy CEO for Investments of Ukrenergo Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, in 2017 the savings effect upon the results of tenders held comprised UAH 215 million, and another UAH 56 million loan funds will be directed to the construction and modernization of power facilities in accordance with the network development plan.

    Among the key projects for which funding will be increased – the installation of the second autotransformer at SS 750 kV «Kyivska» and the construction of  diversion of OHL 330 kV in the Kyiv region (+ UAH 486 million), reconstruction of SS 330 kV «Kremenchuck» (+UAH 86 million) and OHL 330 kV Zakhidnoukrayinska – Bohorodchany and relevant substantions (UAH 36,6 million) and others. Also, the Investment Program 2018 envisages funding for the development of IT-infrastructure and cybersecurity activities as an important component of the security and reliability of energy supply. Funding allocation for ІТ -projects by the end of the year is almost UAH 200 million.

    It should be noted that since 2017, Ukrenergo’s new investment policy formed upon the principles of integrity, priority and attraction of credit funds from international financial institutions. This reduces the load on the tariff and allows to effectively use financial resources for the realization of strategic objectives of the company.

    Detailed information on amendments to the Investment Program 2018 can be found in the presentation.


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