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  • Ukrenergo continues to replace outdated transformers at substations

    A new autotransformer AT-1 with the capacity of 125 MVA has been commissioned at 330 kV substation “Poltava” of Pivnichna power system. The replacement of power equipment was performed in the framework of the substations modernization program providing for the replacement of transformers aimed at increasing the operational reliability of Ukrenergo trunk power grid facilities.

    Substation 330 kV “Poltava” ensures electricity supply to consumers in Poltava region, including power facilities of the utility sector of Poltava, Ukrzaliznytsia (the national railway company) and oil and gas enterprises. Recently, power consumption in the region has been tending to increase, so the performance of repairs and technical maintenance of outdated equipment of the transformers park required the implementation of regime measures and restrictions.

    A new autotransformer has improved operational characteristics and complies with all reliability and safety requirements. Moreover, it is equipped with the systems of diagnostics and management ESMDU-TRANS.This is a combined software and hardware complex that allows performing control, monitoring and diagnostics of autotransformers working parameters in real time. This will contribute to increasing the level of general reliability of electricity supply to consumers of Poltava region,” noted Oleksii Brekht, Deputy CEO – Chief Operational Officer.

    The new autotransformer was installed to replace the old equipment operated since 1968. In the course of rehabilitation, an old autotransformer was dismantled, the foundation and oily receptacle bowl were prepared, part of grounding was installed, and protection panels with electromechanical relays were replaced with modern panels with microprocessor technology produced by ABB. In the AT-1 section, 330 kV disconnecting device was replaced, a packaged device cell with 6 kV voltage transformer and 6 kV bus were installed.

    The relay personnel of Poltava repair and operation center and the operational staff of 330 kV substation Poltavaworked professionally and coherently, which allowed the contractor, performing the work, to optimize the timing of the project implementation,” said Viacheslav Momot, head of the substation.


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