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  • Ukrenergo conducts testing of power units at Burshtym TPP

    On March 18-21, Ukrenergo ran testing of power units at Burshtyn TPP under the frequency and excitation regulation testing programme to explore the possibility of synchronous operation of the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova with ENTSO-E.

    4 tests were carried out simultaneously at three power units of the Burshtyn TPP (5, 7 and 10).

    This was the most complex testing for the entire test period. Burshtyn TPP works in an island mode in relation to the entire power system of Ukraine and exports electricity to Europe. This significantly affects feasibility of the testing, in particular, in terms of coordinating control schedules of power units. However, thanks to the professional and coordinated work of the TPP staff the testing was successful.

    Preliminary findings show that all regulating equipment operated in line with ENTSO-E requirements, as the station has been working synchronously with the united European power system for almost 16 years.  This is another confirmation of the Burshtyn island being technically adequate to the European standards.

    Test results will be shared with the Consortium of TSOs at ENTSO-E and used in the calculation of a mathematical model of the grid.

    The progress of the test programme, already carried out at 9 power units of Ukraine’s 6 power plants, will be discussed at the meeting of the BSTP BSTP (Black Sea Regional Transmission Planning Project) working group on March 22 in Lviv. Ukrenergo is a participant in this project, alongside TSOs of Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania and Turkey. Test preparation, development and approval of test programmes, dealing with power equipment manufacturers and the testing itself and their specificities are a unique and important experience which Ukrenergo can share with its corporate colleagues.


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