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  • Ukrenergo conducts a workshop on registration of marker participants and working in the scheduling subsystem on the MMS platform

    Ukrenergo held another workshop for electricity market participants featuring representatives of the software developer (software) of the balancing market and ancillary services market management system (MMS) platform – a consortium of companies IP Systems Zrt. (Hungary) and Smart Technologies (Austria). 

    In March, a module for the formation and submission of market participants’ schedules and the functions of the Settlement Administrator in part of the registration of participants was installed within the MMS platform. So this time the training event was dedicated to registering market participants in the register to start on April 1, 2019, as well as to scheduling in the segment of bilateral agreements and schedules of physical sale and selection.

    Oleksandr Symonenko, Head of the Division of Administration of Accession Procedures (one-stop-shop), described to the attendees the registration procedure, the list of required documents, as well as information on the connection with Ukrenergo’s front-office for market participants support.

    He informed that an application form for the registration of a market participant and submission of additional information for registration  is available on Ukrenergo’s website under Activities – New Market – Implementation. The same section contains sample application forms.

    Ukrenergo operates a call-centre advising on processes in the new market model, registration of market participants, supporting documents required, training on working in the MMS platform, conclusion of contracts, etc. You can contact the call center at (044) 238-37-00 or

    Smart Technologies’ Gerhard Benkendorf and Oleksandr Smirnov demonstrated to the workshop attendees a scheduling module of MMS platform. They explained how the system operates, demonstrated algorithms for working within this module, highlighted the logical processes, demonstrated the scheduling procedure, described working with the system and gave practical tips. The attendees also learned about obtaining logins and passwords to access the system, authorization, procedures for submission of technical and other schedules to the system.

    IP Systems’ Istvan Cisaki spoke about the algorithm of data collection for submission of schedules by market participants and the steps they should take to prepare them. Market participants were given the opportunity to ask questions to representatives of the consortium of developers.

    Ukrenergo’s corporate website under Activities – New Market – Implementation offers information on test operations in the segments of the balancing market  and the market of ancillary services, along with data interfaces for market participants in Ukrainian and English, forms for registration of market participants in the MMS platform , a schedule of consultations and exercises of market participants regarding work in software for a new market. 


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